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Why do Asian men have smaller penis and genitalia?

I googled it and there are many studies that say oriental japanese chinese have small penis packages?

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    I think they have smaller penis's because they are generally small people and the penis should be proportional to the size of the body. thats also why black guys have larger penis's because most black guys are just big. Same goes for asians they have a small penis cuz they're small.

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    Its not genetics, somewhat. a guy's length is proportional to his universal physique length. Its additionally been shown that the taller a man or woman is, the longer his junk would be. subsequently tall Asians somewhat have longer junk, yet because of the fact the common top of Asians is below that of caucasians or African people, on favourite their junk is likewise smaller. To account for no be counted if it quite is via genetics or ecosystem you will ought to do an entire host of analyze. Its fairly achievable that a miles better chew of the Asian inhabitants in Asia have at one element suffered from malnutrition or malnourishment, to totally instruct that one race of people has an prolonged or shorter shaft length than the different might require repayment for those and different variables.

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    From my experiences it is only the white men who cares about penis size. Look at all the questions here or anywhere else for that matter and more times than not it is the white men who asked or are in a form answering questions regarding the penis and its size. With that said, do you think anyone really cares?

    Just look at China or any other Asian races. They have their population size in the billions so I don't think penis size has anything to do in their mindset nor is it a concern to them. It only seems that the western culture are obsess with penises and its size.

    Now to be politically correct not all men from Asian descent have small penises just like not all whites or blacks have big penises. To think that all blacks or all whites have big penises is just plain ignorant and stereotypical.

    If this is the case then the whites are in the minority because it seems only they care about penis size whereas other races could care less. Just my two cents in this matter.

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    It's not completely true. Don't believe the source entirely. We of different races have our own good & bad traits. Like, Asians are less hairy than Caucasians.

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    Hey sorry for playing the old 'politically correct' card but aren't we being very racist by disregarding the whole of the Indian/pakistan cultures and the middle east as a whole are world famous for being phallic-ally my man have shown contempt beyond you have a larger penis,like women are going to care!..

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    HAHAHAHA! No no not very accurate. Asian men do have big penis. You just need to find the right one.

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    Orientals have large penises, I have a rug that is HUGE.

    P.S. Asians are people, Orientals are things.

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    Because the people over there are generally smaller and the penis has to fit with the women of the same background. (Not that I don't condone interracial relationships)

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