problem installing spybot search and destroy?

When i try to install spybot it will say (error sending request, a connection with the server could not be established i have windows 7 please help it was installed right until xbox live support told me to uninstall it but i cant install it no more please help

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    1 decade ago
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    Stefan: I hope you know spybot isn't meant as an anti virus program. Its a maleware tool, and shouldn't be used for other purposes..

    Answer to asker:

    During the installation Spybot tries to download the updates.

    You can disable this function in the wizard itself.

    Just untick the checkbox in front of "download updates during installation".

    The updates can be downloaded later on.

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  • 4 years ago


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    1 decade ago

    spy bot isn't very good for your own safety use AVG 9.0 it might slow down but it keeps track of anything you do. if not try AVAST HOME ore AVAST PROFESSIONAL bought are good.I use AVG 9.0 Internet security it keeps watch of anything I do offline ore online I had a few problem with AVAST but I don't with AVG 9.0 !

    Source(s): MAYNE AND FROM C.NET
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