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Would a .22 caliber AR-15 be considered an "assault rifle"?

It might be a stupid question, but is it still considered a real assault rifle since its a smaller caliber?

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    All sorts of politically correct terms from the right.

    The term assault rifle was never invented by the left wing, pinko, commie, liberals. It was in use for many years by the mainstream gun buying public to describe civiliarn versions of rifles used by the militaries of the world.

    I was in a gun shop in a neighboring state and was looking at one of the 22 LR AR-15 style rifles. The man behind the counter informed me that he would be unable to sell the rifle to me, since it fit the definition of assault rifle for a background check. That particular state lumps those types of rifles with handguns when it comes to making sales - thus prohibiting an out-of-state person from making a purchase.

    EDIT: I like all of the thumbs down I am getting from the polically correct, purse-carrying, do-rights that think that the term "assualt rifle" needs a touch of double-speak to make it more acceptable. Here's some food for thought. What exactly IS a CCW? Concealed Carry Weapons permit? A weapon? Why not call it a "target firearm", afterall, you might want to do some bullseye shooting when you're in the tougher parts of town.

    Here's the deal people. Someday you might double-speak yourself right into a corner. When the framers of the US Constitution added the Second Amendment, they were not worried about preserving the right of the people to target shoot or go turkey hunting. Instead, they wanted the citizenry of the USA to be armed well enough to possibly rebel against a goverment that might someday turn into something much worse than the democracy that they had planned. Assault rifles? Count me in! Not that I feel the need to walk around in public with them, strapped to my back, as some have done in some metropolitan areas to test their freedoms. But, these types of firearms do have a place in our the hands of law abiding citizens.

    • I was gonna read your answer, but then you decided to flaunt your Reich-wing faggotry. I don't care that this is right years old, you're still a worthless ******.

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    22 Caliber Assault Rifle

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    No AR-15 is an assault rifle. AR-15s are never fully-automatic and assault rifles always have a fully-automatic option.

    Now an M4a1 chambered in .22? Depend. .22 IS a rifle round.. So I suppose you could call it an assault rifle.

    As for "assault WEAPON" that's a totally different definition that depends on whatever skewed definitions your state has. A bolt action hunting rifle with a barrel shroud and rigged with a front grip might be a an "assault weapon"... In such cases, caliber has nothing to do with it. It would be an assault weapon.

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    22 Assault Rifle

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    Assault rifle: A man portable, selectable-fire weapon, offering both a choice of semi-automatic operation and fully automatic operation or burst fire operation, and being equipped with a shoulder stock, chambered for an intermediate or generally accepted rifle cartridge, also possessing a rifled barrel, and not being a shortened or otherwise mass-altered version of another weapon.

    NO, it would not be an assault rifle.

    Assault rifle defines a very specific type of firearm. It has a legitimate definition, and I for one will not see that definition lost in hysteria.

    An AR-15 is no more an assault rifle than any hunting rifle. This is a fear of mere color and shape. Now, your state may be one of those that is confused. It is your responsibility to know your laws.

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    Again people (except Josh so far) are confusing "assault rifle", a legitimate term for a selective fire arm using an intermediate powered round, which dates to the second world war; with the marketing term "assault weapon" which dates to the 1980s and really has no meaning other than "scary gun".

    In answer to your question, an AR-15 already is basically a .22 (center fire) in its usual chambering. Unless it's capable of full auto though, it isn't an assault rifle. BUT... depending on where in this wonderful country you happen to be, it MAY be considered an "assault weapon" under the insane laws of some states and cities. And that has little or nothing to do with the round it fires, just how scary it looks.

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    A .223 or 5.56x45 is 22 caliber so yes it would be considered an assault rifle if it is select fire. If you are talking about .22lr, assault rifle is a military term for select fire rifles. Since the .22lr is only used in the military for training, no no one would be stupid enough to call a .22lr an assault rifle. If you mean assault weapon like defined as California, yes, caliber is not part of the definition except for an exception for .22lr rifles with tubular magazines which is exempt from the 10 round mag limitation.

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    There's no technical definition of an "assault rifle" - it's a made up term used by politicians to take away our firearms. The reality is that it would get lumped in because it "looks dangerous" when compared to a bolt action .22 with a wooden stock (for instance)

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    Only if you let the liberals tell you it is.

    No it's not.

    Edit: The new term that we're supposed to use is "Modern Sporting Rifle." It's a little gay but I guess it's good for PR.

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    As Josh and Gunplumber said...

    An "assault rifle" must:

    1. Fire an intermediate cartridge. (5.56x45/7.62x39, for example)

    2. Have selective fire capability. (Switchable from semi-auto, to burst, or fully auto)

    3. Be an individual, shoulder fired weapon.

    4. Use a detachable magazine.

    ...Or it is not an "assault rifle."

    A .22LR, AR type rifle is a "semi-automatic rifle."

    Gun haters use "assault rifle" to stir up a negative image in the uninformed person's mind. It really has nothing to do with technical specs, to them.

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