Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360?

My parents are going to buy me either a Playstation3 or an Xbox 360 Elite. I can't decided which one I want to get. Could you list some positives and negatives about each console. I would also like to know if I can use the Playstation 2 controllers on the Playstation 3.


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Whats a HDMI cable?

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    1 decade ago
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    They are both great but Modern warfare 2 is alot more addictive as it is fun and there are lot of challenges and ranks to obtain. The online will keep you hooked for a long time.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Heresz the Deal..

    && Im guessing this is for christmas Lol

    But... if your parents want to save more... it Is Xbox 360 Elite

    aLOTHUGH.. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING more Entertaining & more pricey it is PS3...

    Ok the playstation 3 is expensive weighing in at £425 however if you compare just the Basic Hardware with say XBox 360, you will be surprised how cost effective it is.

    For example the XBox 360 Premium console, has 20 GB hard drive, headset, wireless controller, AV cable.

    And costs around £279, if you can wait until 24th August 07 Microsoft have planned to release the Xbox 360 Elite

    The Xbox 360 Elite is an All new Super Sexy Black, with 120GB Harddrive and a HDMI output + HDMI lead all for an estimated price of £320.

    However there are some bits missing from the XBox 360:

    If you want to connect wyour Xbox 360 wirelessly to the internet your going to need the official 'Wireless Bridge" this will set you back around £60.

    The PS3 has built in wireless capabilities, and is enabled from the PS 3 Menu

    The Xbox 360 & PS3 both support High definition gaming, however

    If you want to playback HD-DVD discs you will need a separate add on HD-Drive device this will set you back around £130

    The PS3 has build in BD-Drive ( Blu-Ray ), so is all set to playback Blu-Ray Discs out of the box, infact if you go to your local video rental store you will find a limited about of Blu-Ray titles you can rent, I can't say that I have seen any HD-DVD discs for rental so far.

    If you use a wireless controller, you will find that XBox 360 will eat the batteries, you can purchase a rechargable pack, which costs about £10.

    The PS3's wireless controller, comes with a USB cable which allows it to be plugged into the console and automatically charges it up, when it's charged you just unplug the USB cable and you have a full wireless controller.

    Not to mention that the PS3 controller actually reacts to movement.

    If you actually move the controller up/down, left/right, roll and pitch, then it effects the movement in the game, of course this is depedant on if the game supports it.

    The next thing to look is Playing Live aganist other people over the Internet.

    Xbox 360 consoles requires a subscription to XBox Live, you are looking at paying around £30-£40 a year to play online with Gold membership to access and use the Game servers with full voice&messenging capabilities.

    With PS3 the whole online gaming enviroment is free, there is no access charges or subscriptions for using the Game servers, if you have Internet access in your house then you can connect your PS3 wirelessly or using the ethernet cable ( supplied with the PS3 ) and your off.

    Console Sizes:

    All though the Xbox 360 is smaller , microsoft made up for this by giving you a huge Power Brick and chunky cables to plug in, the actually noise created is actually quite loud I have to say.

    Also the Xbox 360 does have a habbit of over heating due to poor design, this can have devistating consequences, however the new Xbox 360 Elite is not suppose to suffer these problems, although this isn't confirmed yet.

    The PS3, is actually all one unit it's power supply is built in, so it's a case of what you see is what you get, and it's very sleak.

    You can position it vertically or horizontally.

    It's very quite, and doesn't appear to over heat.

    Hope i Helped...

    Search it up on the web if you're not too sure =)

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  • Tracy
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    4 years ago

    I would choose Xbox360, it has better online gaming (if your that kind of gamer). Much more stylish if you buy the newer Xbox360 (it's black), it has a heat touch sensing power button,much easier to operate. More people are online on Xbox Live than PSN. If you hear that PS3 had better graphics than Xbox360, its not true because the new Xbox360 has a Blue Ray DVD player just like the PS3. The new Xbox360 was created in 2011, the PS3 was invented in 2007. The Xbox360 is less laggy, it is awesome with first person shooters like: Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty games, is also awesome with RPG games (Role, Playing, Games) like Grand theft Auto, Elder scrolls v: Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption. Pluse the KInect is better than the Wii and PS4: Move because your body is the controller! So over all the Xbox 360. Hope this was useful advice!

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  • 1 decade ago

    okay im going to copy and paste an answer i did like 3 hours ago i will just give the core of the consoles... i have spared all the crap that ps3 has and the xbox 360 doesnt like in built wifi and blueray because everyone knows those type of things and sorry for any additional info that isnt needed :P

    Okay theres alot of these fanboys answering these questions i have all 3 systems yes i know im a spoiled rat :p

    But my advice is go for the ps3 now its cheaper then ever and tech wise its better

    online wise its 360 by a mile..BUT it my opinion all you want from online is to play with friends which ps3 does fine... BUT also if you want to download movie from your console both consoles can do it but 360 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much smoother...

    As for games 360 has more but ps3 excusives and stuff like that are just plain better and that battle is official a lost cause now for the 360 ps3 has better exculsives but 360 has more games

    But either way you cant lose i would recommend the ps3 though...

    If you get ps3 buy the 120GB slim version (if you have enough get the 250GB)

    If you get the xbox 360 get the elite version because its faliure rate goes down from 53.1% to 41.2% :D

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  • 1 decade ago

    Tough one.

    Xbox is a gamers machine, the game play is good and the controller is brilliant. There's alot of games available. I had an older xbox which broke four times with the red ring of death, xbox customer services were awesome and quick. I cannot fault them or the machine. One major fault though compared to the PS3 is you have to pay to go online, either with vouchers or pay by card.

    You also have to use the xbox headset, you cannot use any bluetooth headset.

    PS3, i dont think the ps2 controllers can be used i'm afraid. As with the xbox, the amount of games is good. But with the PS3 the game visual quality is amazing. I am currently playing COD6 Modern Wardare 2, which is the best ever. Unbelievable quality. And of course, it has bluetooth, wifi, free internet, awesome playstation store, easy main screen and a blueray dvd player. You can also use any bluetooth headset to speak to other gamers.

    My opinion, they are similar in gameplay but the playstation 3 is miles ahead on tech and screen quality. I would get the PS3 (i did) and hook it up to a HD tv asap. You will not regret it.

    Hope this helps.

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  • 1 decade ago


    Pros--- Free Online Play, Wireless and Rechargeable battery controllers, wireless blue tooth head set (any one will work) Nice Built in Blue-ray disk player, will hold plenty of music, videos and has great online play, more mature online players, and No "Rings of Death", and you can even search the web in a web browser, Built in wireless gaming!

    Cons--- A little, ok very over priced and Not as many good game covers coming out for PS3 at the time.


    Pros--- Cheap,small, easier for on the go, Has DVD disk player, Has A lot more online gamers and Better game covers and wireless controllers.

    Cons--- Have to pay to play online, "Ring of Death", Much less mature gamers, Have to replace battery's for controllers, got to buy a add-on to get wireless internet.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Playstation 3, i own one. If you install another os, it instantly is like the computer your using. Online game play is free unlike xbox. Games look really good in 1080p , xbox has good graphics but are slightly cartoonish. In the long run ps3 is less expensive and you will have more fun with the ps3.

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  • 1 decade ago


    ust like me i had to make the decision on letting go if this hard earned cash. So, i obviously wanted to save as much money as i can so.. here it is..

    360 elite vs. the 80gb ps3 =D

    what you get with your 360 elite

    black 360 with120 gb of storage space

    a wireless controller with batteries

    ethernet cable

    unlimited silver membership to xbox live (its the gold that lets you play online agaisnt others. Silver is for leaderboards.)

    1 month free xbox live gold.

    with the ps3 80 gb (being released next month) you get..

    a choice of black ps3 or gunmetal green 80gb storage space.

    ethernet cable

    1 dualshock 3 controller (with charge cable and these are the controlers that vibrate yay!!!)

    metal gear solid 4: guns of patriots which is going to be the best game in the world!!!

    and of course the normal cables and what not.

    now the price for the 360 elite is: $450 us dollars

    the price for the 80gb ps3 released next month: $500 us dollars.

    Youre gonna say now.. Oh i want to save more money lets go get the 360. Ok after that one month you obviously would most likely want to play online. Afterall, this is the next generation of gaming! So then you will have to dish out another 50 bucks. Oh wait your modem is not close to your tv? prepare for another 100 bucks for your usb wifi finder.Oh no! you need a game in the first place say halo 3. BAM another 60 bucks knocked out of your wallet. Oh and lets say you want to watch an HD movie? (which have lost the dvd format war to blu-ray) Lets just get this huge bulky expanision player its only 150 bucks! And you would probally want to pick up a warrenty for that 360 because they break 33% of the time!!!

    On the ps3 just for 50 bucks more you get unlimited free online forever! You will get a built in blu-ray player (not expansion) you will get a free really good game coming out. You will save batteries on the controller since they are chargable via usb =D. You get built in wifi, and a whole lot more! Only downside here from the 360 here is harddrive space but who cares you can get another 100 gb for what uhmm 50 bucks when on sale?

    Lets add shall we for the final prices.

    360 elite: 450+100+50+150+60+5 <--(batteries for controller)

    a whopping total of: $815 just to get you started

    ps3 with the features the 360 elite has: 500+50= $550 wow! you would be saving $265 if you bought the ps3! thats enough for the wii even.

    To tell you the truth the only loss that the ps3 has compared to the 360 is a little lack of games. But the ps3 is getting a whole lot of exclusives such as:

    Resistance 2 (60 players online at once!)

    Motorstom 2

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    Little Big Planet

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    Killzone 2

    God of War 3

    and since you have already got the ps1 and 2 you can play those games on your ps3 that you will get ready to buy

    HOPE I HELPED and when you get your ps3 you are more than welcome to add me on playstation network:


    Source(s): Nanothunder
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  • 1 decade ago

    PS3 has Blu-ray, which costs around the same as a PS3, its a better overall system, the only thing it lacks is games. There are good games for it, but just not alot of games, but still get it. It is worth your money, plus online play is free.

    X-Box 360, just has more games, thats it...freezes alot... need HDMI just to read words on the screen.... ya seriously 360 is garbage now.

    Source(s): An unfortunate 360 owner... while all my friends have ps3;'s... THANK YOU ALEX / NANOTHUNDER!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, I'm not sure about the controllers (don't have one) but I would take the PS3 over xbox 360 any day.

    PS3 has blu-ray - xbox 360 uses hd-dvd ( expired )

    PS3 has multiple processors.

    PS3 has motion-sensitive controllers.

    a used xbox-360, if banned from online play and sold again (re-sellers don't screen for this) then you were basically sold a plain xbox, unable to use online multiplayer, unless you hack it.

    Finally, my personal favorite, PS3 has ability to run linux. Don't waste your money on an xbox.

    Source(s): My research on soon buying one also
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