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中翻英-Reflections of viewing “UP

1.探險並不是死守夢想 ... 而是開創新局 ... 開創新的人生 ... 不斷找到新的意義 ......

2.皮克斯所執導的電影總是正向引導人們思考生命本質 ...

3."天外奇蹟"英文片名"UP" 除了氣球屋上升UP飛天的意思外 ...... 也暗示卡爾心境的超脫UP& 似乎也能解釋成Pixar不斷的突破自我UP !!


5.就像片中一開始老人並不喜歡小男孩 但是到了最後他們卻變成了好夥伴一路走來的辛苦和共患難的精神是值得學習的

結果並不是最重要的 重要的是過程過程總是千辛萬苦但回憶總是甜美!在這個混亂的年代我們真的需要單純一點的感動~

6.夢想不一定要身體力行去追逐 ... 但持續保有夢想就會產生生命的源源動力 ......而這股動力促使我們的人生不斷往前看 & 逐步向前邁進 !!生命旅程中所有陪伴我們的過客人事物 ~ 都將是你我追逐夢想的能量來源 ~~儘管最後我們不一定能身體實踐每一個夢想 ~~~但曾經陪伴過我們一起經歷生活種種的他或她或牠 ... 皆將成為夢想版圖的一部分 !! 那也是追求生命冒險夢想藍圖的重要一部分哪 ~ 不是嗎 ?!



7.夢想不但沒有解放了查爾斯,卻是緊緊纏住他的腳步讓他動彈不得;冒險原本應是全新拔錨出發的起點,反倒成了查爾斯人生航程的終點。 如果只顧著準時抵達目的地,而遺忘了偶爾停下腳步欣賞沿途的風景,那麼再怎麼披荊斬棘的冒險又還有什麼意義呢?


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    1. The exploration is not clings to tenaciously the dream…, but was founds the new bureau… to found the new life… to find the new significance unceasingly .......


    Pike Si directs the movie to is always guiding the people to ponder the life essence…


    “outside the day the miracle " English film title " UP " rises the UP flying apsaras besides the balloon room the meaning ...... also to suggest Cull mood unique UP& As if can also explain Pixar unceasing breakthrough self-UP!!


    The person and person's friendship should be the construction above trusts mutually.


    2009-12-21 20:21:20 補充:


    Old person does not like the young boy from the very beginning on the photograph, but actually turned the spirit which to them a good partner group walks laborious and shares hardships to be worth finally studying

    2009-12-21 20:21:36 補充:

    The result is not the most important process process always untold hardships more importantly but recalls always delightfully! In this chaotic age we really needs the pure spot move ~

    2009-12-21 20:22:14 補充:


    The dream not necessarily needs to personally set an example pursues…, but will continue to hold the dream to produce life power in a steady stream ...... but this power will urge our life to proceed to look at & unceasingly;

    2009-12-21 20:22:48 補充:

    Forges ahead gradually!! In the life journey all will accompany us visitor thing ~ will be your I pursues the dream the energy to originate ~~ us not necessarily to be able the body to practice each finally freely to vainly hope for that ~~~

    2009-12-21 20:22:59 補充:

    but accompanied us to experience together lives all sorts of he either she or it… all will become the dream domain a part!! Which ~ is that also pursues the life risk dream blueprint important part of not right?!

    2009-12-21 20:23:15 補充:

    7.Not only the dream had not liberated Charles, is actually closely ties down his footsteps to let him not be able to move; The risk should be the beginning which originally weighs anchor brand-new embarks, has become the Charles life range end point on the contrary.

    2009-12-21 20:23:29 補充:

    If is considering only the punctual arrival destination, but forgot occasionally stopped footsteps appreciation scenery along the way, then how to throw over Jing Zhanji the risk also to have what significance again?

    2009-12-21 20:24:06 補充:

    8.although "Outside Day Miracle" entire piece center of gravity for dream, liberation and risk, but is not so long as rides the bladder, to go to faraway places in light of this from the real life, then can call is a soul-stirring risk;

    2009-12-21 20:24:28 補充:

    Only has, when Cull is willing to unload the heart finally against, no longer rigidly adheres to the dream accurate physique appearance, but opens wide the smiling face to accept the one's side not worthy of mentioning joy and the happiness,

    2009-12-21 20:24:33 補充:

    no matter places the sheer precipice which reaches to the sky, or is only the golden yellow autumn leaf falls place the small massif, the risk journey only then truly for the first time launches (already launches).



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