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Types of pet tree frogs ( ill give away points)?

Im getting a frog, I was thinking of getting a dumpy but i can find one. what are great tree frogs as pets?

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  • Your right on with the dumpy or whites tree frog because they are the absolute best starter frogs.

    However, seeming as though you cant find any the other types are:

    Red Eyed Tree Frog

    Cuban Tree Frog

    Green Tree Frog

    Cricket Frog

    Leaf Frog

    Marsupial Frog

    Barking Tree Frog

    Spring Peeper

    Depending on what qualities you are looking for in your frog you will prefer certain species over others:

    Ease to care for-

    1) White's (dumpy) Tree Frog

    2) Cuban Tree Frog

    3) Green Tree Frog

    4) Barking Tree Frog


    1) Red Eyed Tree Frog

    2) Barking Tree Frog

    3) Green Tree Frog

    4) Whites Tree Frog

    (#1 being the best)

    As with any pet you get do research on that species. Use google: (species name) care sheet. Example: Whites Tree Frog care sheet

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    Well this is going to be weird but. I really enjoy poison dart frogs. They may be expensive but getting them was the best decision of my life. They require almost no maintenance, except for feeding, misting, and the occasional glass cleaning every 6 months. Everybody who sees them becomes captivated by their stunning colors. I would highly recommend 1male and 1 female Dendrobates Azureus frog. They are very pretty. Just search for Saurian.net for more info. If you want I can give you a much more detailed care sheet, that explains everything.

    Source(s): My Azureus pair and there many children years of experience my buddies at reptilechannel.com
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    pink eyed tree frogs are comfortable and should not be dealt with. i could say a white's tree frog. they have a thick waxy pores and skin which will regardless of the indisputable fact which you to deal with them. and don't ever combination any reptile.

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    I wouldn't get a frog. I used to have over and sure they are cool creatures but they are soooo hard to take care of. You have to maintain the habitat and PERFECTLY and monitor it VERY carefully. I wouldn't recommend one.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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