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preparation for sat (can you guys give me a link to an online tutor for sat)?

Im only a sophmore high school student.

Im wondering how i should prepare for SAT.

Should I take Online Tutors?? Which site do you recommend me to use, for SAT prep??


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    My experience with online tutors is not great. It's much more beneficial to have a tutor who can meet with you and work through questions by your side. You can find reputable tutors from Princeton Review, Kaplan, and even on listings like Craigslist. Plus, free tutoring can come from organizing study groups. Work through questions with your classmates--it's free and pretty fun.

    The internet is good for finding free/affordable sources. You can get some good ideas at the College Confidential forums, and my personal favorite is, because their books are really comprehensive (and really affordable!).

    Good luck!

    Source(s): College Confidential
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    There's a really good site that's offering a 7 day trial of their SAT test prep course, so that could be a good place to start, and if you like it, you can pay, if not, you're only out however much time you spend online.

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    Source(s): I used it and did terribly.
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    Of course you Can

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    This website was only one I found to be free and helpful. There might be others.

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    you can get help from me.

    your tutorial guide forever!!


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