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Halladay/Lee = Dumb trade?

Who else thinks that the Halladay/Lee trade was pretty dumb??

Halladay IS better than Lee, but not by much. Lee was dominant for them - he's the main reason that the Phillies made it to the WS last year. If they didn't pick up Lee, they wouldn't have gotten there.

I just don't see much sense in it. And they couldn't even afford to keep both of them.

The starting rotation is just the same as last year, no better:

Halladay - the ace

Martinez - a BIG question mark

Hamels - another big question mark

Blanton - just horrible

Moyer - another question mark.

It just doesn't make that much sense to me.

I, as a Yankees fan, was actually hoping that we would be able to get Halladay, we'd have the best starting rotation in the MLB then.

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    Yep the trade is stupid b/c Lee will end up cheaper in the long run. They could have afforded both of them in the same year. All they would have to do is trade Blanton and pay the both of them straight up. The GM has upset mostly all Phils fans this offseason. Placido Polanco was a good signing for them! LOL

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    The Phillies would have lost Lee at the end of the year, while this way We got Halladay for this year, plus thrre year extension and possible two more year options (6 possible years).

    Martinez is gone, Blanton is an average pitcher that eats up innings, and Hamels will bounce back (if you read any baseball experts, it was predicted - just how much he'll bounce back is another story). You do failk to mention the runner up to the ROY - JA Happ. Wether he'll hit a sophmore slump is anybodies guess, but he was always projected to be a solid #3 starter, if not a #2

    The Phillies also get Aumont who will be in the bullpen this year, which was a spot the Phils needed to address.

    It has also been widely reported that the Phils front office could not get the Halladay deal done unless they moved Lee. The Phils are at their limit with their budget - they had 103% attendance this year (standing room only counts the +3%) and are commited to not raise their ticket prices.

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    Well the Halladay Lee trade was kind of a bad trade. Looking at this trade the Blue Jays got ripped off and should have gotten more.

    Phillies Lee > Seattle

    Jays Halladay $6 mil. > Phillies

    Seattle Prospects > Jays

    Im a big Mariners fan so im happy both ways....Mariners get Lee! Jays got ripped. They lost there Ace which was huge. Now the Blue Jays are even more terrible. I think The Mariners got the best out of this deal because they got a Ace for some prospects. Phillies got the 2nd best deal. They traded Lee for a anthor ace. But the Jays got RIPPED OFF! Jays should have gotten better. The Blue Jays are going to want this deal back about after 5 games into the season.

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    Pitching-wise there's not much different between Lee and Halladay.

    Contract-wise there is enormous differences. If the Phillies kept Lee there was a good change they would only have him for one season. In making the deal they were able to sign Halladay for four years (I think it was four)

    So what is better - having an ace for one year or having an ace for years (given that money and skills are all about the same)? In that sense it's a good trade for the Phillies (actually it could turn out to be a good trade for all the teams involved)

    And J.A. Happ will be in the Phillies rotation this year, Moyer will likely be in the bullpen/spot starter.

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    im a Yankees fan too and i was hoping for Halladay, it is a bad trade for Philly because Lee is younger then Halladay so he has more years and look at what he did to the Yankees, and then look back at what Halladay did to the Yankees and i believe the Yankees won all the games that they faced against Halladay.

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    Halladay would have been bad for the Yankees. They would have had to sacrifice Joba or Hughes, two young guys who have pitched in the majors, for a 32 year old.

    The thing about Halladay that makes me uncertain about him is he has never pitched in the playoffs or even in a playoff race. Some players aren't able to adjust to pitching on a big stage. Lee was a good pitcher who already proved he can pitch in the playoffs.

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    Very dumb by the Phillies. Halladay might be a little better, but not only did they give up their top performer in the playoffs last season, they also gave up a couple pretty good prospects.

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    This makes a lot of sense for the Phils. They get a better ace. Roy Halladay is as good as they come. Blanton is not coming back, not he is out of the picture and they can add Happ to the rotation now, who is under team control, which means they are flexible with the money.

    How are Hamels and Moyer questions marks though?

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    The real losers were the Jays in my opinion. They gave up the only thing that kept the entire AL East(without the O's of course) from sweeping them. I see them battling the O's for fourth place now.

    The Phillies gave up their ace, and got another ace in return. I don't see any improvements here.

    The Mariners are now probably gonna dominate the AL West. They have the Felix/Lee pair, while the Angels lost Lackey, Figgins, and Guerrero, so it's not going to be tough.

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    You are forgetting one very important starter...JA Happ

    it was not a dumb trade the phillies said it was ganna be hard for them to keep Lee long term because when they talked about resigning cliff lee he mentioned the contract cc sabathia got from the yankees (7years/161million).

    ...Cmon blanton is Okay

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