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Would you invest in Ford Motor company?

Do they look promising in the future after all the turmoil? I seriously, don't think America will just let Ford fall and go on a decline and never be a great company again. What do you think? Would you invest in Ford right now?

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  • RandyH
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    Back in Feb. they were down to under $2. I wanted to buy at that time, but thought that it was a bigger risk than what I was comfortable with.. wish I had--the big money was made between then and now.. And so it goes.......

    So I should have then...bbut I would not now. Even though I think that they will remain stable.


  • 3 years ago

    i'd evaluate it. Ford is in plenty extra valuable shape than GM and Chrysler (a private business enterprise) presently. My father offered around one thousand shares of Ford approximately 3 weeks in the past. in the event that they return to their former glory, he will make a hefty sum of funds. If I understand wisely, they have asked for the bailout own loan, yet they have adequate funds to make it by way of 2009. they choose the government line of credit to be in place for use on condition that that's mandatory to stay to tell the story. they are hoping to return to profitability in 2011, and that i believe they have a solid risk as a results of fact of advantageous alterations CEO Alan Mullally is making. He has trimmed exertions. He offered Jaguar, Aston Martin, and Land Rover for mandatory funds. he's making an investment heavily in destiny fashions and technologies which will pull Ford Motor business enterprise forward of their American opposition. i believe he's receiving unfair grievance interior the media and by using the regular public. Ford would be in plenty worse shape if he wasn't there. He incredibly inherited all this mess a pair years in the past from former CEO bill Ford. Mr. Mullally is a very smart guy who saved Boeing from the edge of extinction. Their new fashions that are arriving in 2010 would be extra gasoline powerful. the hot Fiesta gets 40 MPG. there is the 2010 Fusion/Montego/MKZ Hybrids that have been presented to the regular public at last weeks la vehicle practice. a clean Taurus and Explorer (to be a vehicle based CUV) is on the way. the hot 2009 F150, in specific trim stages, will gain 20 MPG. Ford is the sole massive 3 maker making an investment heavily in destiny production. GM is scaling lower back on some destiny fashions. Their high quality is comparable to Honda and Toyota, that's something GM and Chrysler won't be in a position to declare. So, with all that stated, i individually would make investments slightly income Ford, yet you ought to return to a decision for your self what's on your terrific pastime. i believe the single thousand shares my father has may well be too various a threat, however the inventory marketplace has continuously been a huge gamble.

  • Anonymous
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    Personally, I would stay away from Ford and all automobile manufacturing. If you truly believe the "turmoil" is over, then dive into Citigroup (symbol: C). This past week, they had a couple days when the stock took a downward turn. But on Firday its was up 6.25% and therefore sitting at a $3.40. Or BAC (Bank of America), but I'd rather buy into Citigroup.

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    Actually, I think Ford will be fine. They started improving their vehicles and developing new more efficient vehicles years ago and now they are on the market. Some of their cars outscore the imports for reliability and economy. They did not take any bail out money and they have a good business plan.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Seem like there doing ok

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