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Special Forces missions?

Bare with me, i'm going to try to word this question without sounding like a idiot.

Whenever you hear or see about special forces, may that be in a movie or a video game(I know that it is just a game, and a lot maybe hollywood rubbish, i am not a "call of duty punk"), in a lot of cases they are behind enemy lines.. which is understandable.

Question :

What im wondering is the fact that, do they actually go into the enemy's uniform and do missions like that?

Behind enemy lines in a enemies uniform to fulfill the mission?

I don't want to sound like a idiot who has watched to many war movies.

I'm just wondering if this is Hollywood garbage or the real deal?


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    No, they do not go in enemy uniforms. They do go in civilian attire at times. There is a TV show called "The Unit" which is based on Delta Force. It isn't true but it will give you an idea of some things they do. They have supporting advice from Eric Haney who was one of the founders of Delta Force.

    Blackhawk Down was a movie based on a true story about Army Rangers and Delta Force. The men sitting on the skids of the MH-6 Little Birds were Delta Force.

    Delta Force has 3 combat squadrons and 3 or 4 supporting squadrons including an air squadron and an intel squadron.

    You might want to look up Charles Beckwith, the founder of Delta Force. Charles Beckwith led the special forces units of Operation Eagle Claw which was the failed mission to get the hostages out of Iran.

    Something I was very surprised to find is the details of a second mission to rescue the hostages. This is a little-known mission which involved a C-130 with rockets attached to allow vertical take-off and landing. I found a mention of it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Eagle_Claw Look in the aftermath section.

    Several years ago, I visited the air museum at Warner Robins AFB, GA south of Macon. I was accompanied by a former Air Force personnel who was then working as a civilian out of Warner Robins AFB and had responsibilties with special forces out of Eglin AFB, FL. He was also in charge of the investigation of the Desert One debacle in Iran. He pointed out a C-130 at the air museum. I worked on some C-130's while in the Marine Corps and flew on several. What he pointed out were some rails on the side of the aircraft. These rails were used to mount the rockets to the C-130. All C-130's are capable of short take-off using JATO rockets attached to the wheel well. These were not the JATO mounts. This was the actual aircraft which was to be used in the raid. It is probably still at Warner Robins.

    Another person to read about would be Frank Merrill. There is a Ranger base in north Georgia named after him. My son-in-law, a marine, trained there with a Ranger unit. The camp is Frank D. Merrill.

    I hope I answered your question, instilled more interest, and gave you some places to look.

    Oh, BTW, I flew support missions from Phu Bai supporting the Green Beret, mostly in Laos. Although we were a Marine squadron, we often commanded the air contingent supporting the Green Beret. This included Marine, Army, and Vietnamese Kingbees. The Green Beret I saw were always in uniform. I will say I was only on combat missions and was not on the ground with them except in one incident when my helo was shot down and, I can assure you, I didn't care what they were wearing at the time nor did I take the time to make note of it. So, I will not dispute any claim that they operated in enemy uniforms.

    Source(s): Saru mo ki kara ochiru!
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    US Army Special Forces. They have lax grooming standards and sometimes do wear A-typical uniforms. They wear different uniforms not to blend in with the enemy but to blend in with the troops they are with. Special Forces does have DA(Direct Action) Missions and are classified, but they also train the local "rebel" forces. In Example is wearing the same uniforms as the Afghan national army. Wearing the enemy uniform is not a good idea cause in a fire fight people use quick recognition of uniforms plus other units may be called into support special forces and they will fire at people designated as the enemy which would not be good if caught in their uniform.

    Source(s): US ARMY 20th SFG
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    They do go behind enemy lines and preform classified missions , It really depend on which special force you are talking about ( navy seal,parareascue,rangers,sowt,cct) Each has a certain job to do.

    I dont know about the uniform changing thing. But im pretty sure they do way more crazier stuff then go behind enemy line and change uniformes with the enemy.

    Source(s): Going to become pararescue man, If i make it through the Indoc wish me luck. Maybe after two year of training, I will let you know if i go through a mission like that.
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    From what I've read, yes. I've read books such as War Stories: Green Berets in Vietnam and Warrior Soul by Chuck Pfarrer, which both talk about wearing enemy uniforms behind enemy lines as well as within their own ranks while on base. Both are interesting reads, especially the Green Berets book, which is actual stories of numerous Green Berets in Vietnam, some of which are actually humorous. Both books contain stories of people who believe it gave them an edge in the field, by possibly fooling enemies and giving them precious seconds in the process that may have saved their lives. I think one story actually talks about a VC who did not open fire initially as he could not tell that he was actually looking at an enemy, giving time for the GB to spot him and take cover himself.

    Source(s): War Stories: Green Berets in Vietnam (forget author) Warrior Soul, by Chuck Pfarrer
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    a special forces unit will do whatever it takes to fulfil there Mission objective.

    that maybe something like wearing a different uniform (its doubt full these days as our "enemy" are usually from the middle east and so white and black people don't look the same as them whatever uniform they are in) however you will usually find them blending in with the enviroment such as wearing what the locals wear so they do not stand out

    that also may be going into a territory that they cannot go in to (unofficially of course) for example chasing a target into pakistan when they are not allowed to go in there without permission

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    Hostage rescue or the rescue of POW's. different tries have been made by technique of particular Operations instruments from countries international huge. maximum have led to failure. those that have succeeded are studied in minute element and broken down each and every which way achievable to earnings why they worked and this kind of operation is tried in common terms as an absolute final hotel. Missions like the Son Tay are portion of the lore of particular Operations even although no POW or hostage rescue became effectively finished in the process the completed Vietnam conflict. well-liked hostage rescue/POW rescue missions contain Cabanatuan detention center camp raid by technique of the 6th Ranger Battalion WWII Son Tay detention center camp raid by technique of particular Forces (failed, POW's have been moved months previously) different POW rescue tries by technique of SEALs assigned to SOG interior the Mekong Delta (all failed) Operation Eagle Claw tried by technique of Delta in Iran (failed) Operation Acid Gambit by technique of Delta (useful) Rescue of Jessica Lynch (useful and in common terms tried via vulnerable enemy presence)

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    If you truly had a "reason to know" you would know the answer and not have to ask the question.

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    If you work for the cia, probably.

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