Is the Apollo 11 footage fake?

I know we DID land on the Moon, but I've heard that we filmed the footage of the landing here on Earth, because we didn't want the public to see what the actual surface looked like. You can search "UFO: The greatest story ever denied 2 - Moon Rising" to read about this theory. So is the footage from Apollo 11 authentic?


You can see the ENTIRE movie of "Moon Rising" on Youtube. This isn't just another conspiracy theory - and NASA clearly found things on the Moon that they didn't want us to know about. On the old satilite pictures of the Moon (taken before we landed), why are there sections of the moon that are blurred out, and when partially un-blurred by forensics experts, do they show artificial structures on the lunar surface? I highly recommend you see the movie before you answer.

Update 2:

NASA doesn't want us to see whats on there because there are artificial structures on the Moon! I don't think people would appreciate it if, after 40 years of mostly silence, they came out and said "we lied about what was on the moon." Some already HAVE said that. And people, please don't disrespect me. I'm a very sane person and I know this sounds pretty far out, but the evidence is THERE. If I see something, no matter how wierd it is, if it has evidence to support it, I consider it a possibility. Its just logical.

Update 3:

Ok, to the last person that answered:

Some of the footage used in parts 8 and 9 of the film were from the Clementine passages, and those photos were NOT edited by Jose Escamilla. They are ORIGINAL NASA photos. At first I thought that the colorized of the photos was just to show the structures more clearly, but on the far side of the moon, supposedly it actually looks like that. If NASA's own probe takes photos and they are color, I would consider it evidence, wouldn't you? Just my two cents...

Bellcomm said "we lied about everything".

As for crop circles, yeah they're all man-made. No question there. But people who don't believe that SOMEONE else is out there and that all UFOs are fake are simply ignorant.

And nearly all my evidence is based on this film, so if you find it to be bull, its all good. I thought it was believeable which is why I posted this question. Believe it or not, I'm not crazy. I just thought it would be an interesting question.

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  • GeoffG
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    No, the Apollo 11 footage is authentic.

    The six Apollo Moon landings are among the best documented events in human history: thousands of pictures, hours of video, nearly half a ton of Moon rocks, and millions of eye witnesses, including myself. There is not a single scientist in the world who doubts that they took place. To deny them is to discredit the magnificent achievement of the team which went to the Moon, and to reveal abysmal scientific ignorance.

    The proofs of the Moon landings have been documented in detail on web sites like these:

    If further proof is needed, NASA recently released images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing 5 of the 6 Apollo landers, still on the surface of the Moon:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dear God, yes, it's real. Yes, like you said, we did land on the Moon, and there are all sorts of bits of equipment up there doing things for us, like being reflectors for powerful lasers to continually measure the distance to the moon.

    Why would we not want the public to see what the "actual surface" looked like? That's just... I mean... it's just stupid. I can't imagine that we'd be that tough in the Cold War as to get there - and keep going five more times - but be scared that there's something on the surface that the average citizen couldn't comprehend. Or... whatever.

    Why would we spend billions upon billions of dollars, and perhaps millions of man-hours to get men to the Moon.. and then film it on a sound studio somewhere? That's just, I have no other word but "stupid."

    Finally, consider this. Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead. That's a general axiom throughout recorded history of civilization. How many people would have been involved in faking up sets and equipment, and special visual effects, and murky 1969 radio transmissions, and bad video feeds... and yet forty years later NO ONE has come out and said, "Yes, I was there, Tom Smith, 1969 in Tampa, Florida, where we had a super-mega-secret facility set up to fake the landing footage!"

    That's just not possible.

    So, I truly apologize if this answer was a little harsh... but the Moon landings (and/or footage) were not faked. They are very real and genuine, and I hate conspiracy theories.

  • 1 decade ago

    quote..." NASA clearly found things on the Moon that they didn't want us to know about. "

    who says?... prove that statement....

    quote..." there are artificial structures on the Moon"

    who says?... prove that statement....

    quote..."after 40 years of mostly silence, they came out and said "we lied about what was on the moon." Some already HAVE said that.."....

    who says?... prove that statement.....

    quote...:"the evidence is THERE. If I see something, no matter how wierd it is, if it has evidence to support it, I consider it a possibility. "

    me too... show me the 'evidence'.....

    and make all evidence come from somewhere OTHER than this 'movie' that's listed here with UFO's and crop circles, ok?.....

    "colorizing the Moon''.... what a crock.....he's 'adjusting' pictures in Photoshop, the same way he claims NASA did.... LOL!!!!... and yes, I wasted twenty minutes of my day watching this hogwash before I tasted the bile in the back of my throat...... you really didn't fall for this, did you????

    ""UFO: The greatest story ever denied 2 - Moon Rising"......

    one more thing..... these 'colorized' pictures are from the CLEMENTINE passes, which have zero to do with the moon landings.... the deceptions by THIS GUY are just this side of criminal.... there's even a link to HISTORY CHANNEL on that site.... whee.... we all know how truthful THEY are... LOL!.....

  • 1 decade ago

    Why would NASA not want the public to see what the surface of the moon looks like? Yes, the footage is authentic.


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  • 4 years ago

    NOT FAKE and Russia did beat the US to the moon. They landed a probe long before we landed on the moon. They beat us into space with the first satellite. They put the first animal in space. AND they watched very closely and would have been the first to announce to the world if the US hadn't really put a Man on the Moon. Oh and they beat us to Venus too.

  • 1 decade ago

    Of course it's authentic. The people who make the kinds of claims you've seen there are the sort who don't think it's exciting enough that we landed men on the surface of another world (even though that world is barren), and they had to imagine that the Apollo astronauts saw evidence of aliens or whatever. It's the same sort of thinking that led early cartographers to paint dragons on unexplored oceans and so on.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm pretty sure it's real. Actually, I'm beyond a doubt convinced that the footage is real. Why in the world would it be fake? And why would anyone hide the surface of the moon? We see it every night, it's craters and dust, big deal.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it's authentic. It was shot with film & TV cameras on the surface of the Moon, and during the trip, both ways.

    It was filmed more than almost any other event in history.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Apollo 11 footage is not fake.

    The Apollo 11 landing was not fake.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why the heck would NASA keep the surface of the moon secret when we can just get a telescope and look at it?

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