Academics or the good life?

the past requirements as people grew up was to be academically tutored to ensure career status.Do our government not realise that their commitment to capitalism has caused so many family disfunctions by forcing both parents to work to survive.Causing our children to fend for themselves when they need supervising.I think that in our current state of bleakness on the financial and job prospects front our great leaders should start to think about cottage type Industries allowing the people to be self governing and masters of their own destiny if they so wish.Some of us dont actually need governing.


the main problem is that there is no planB

Update 2:

ownpool 50 yrs is not long term in the bigger picture

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    Shush now

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    It's clear that whatever education you HAVE gotten has turned your brain to mush. So, I agree that further education would do you little good. Instead, you ought to work for a living and support yourself for a while and see if your crazy ideas have any merit. I'm not suggesting that you get a job in this evil capitalist world. No, perish the thought. Instead, you should go live on a deserted island, grow your own food and build your own cottage industry, and see where that leads you.

    Your proposal has so many holes in it, it's hard to know where to start. But let's start with the outlandish idea that our government somehow supports capitalism. What could be further from the truth?

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    Capitalism has produced a more prosperous economy in the long run than any other economic system.

    Source(s): Hayek et al.
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    nobody needs college. go have some fun and get fúcked up!!!

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