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possible wisdom tooth coming in? help?

so, the back of my throat has been hurting when i swallow, but only on the right side. i looked in the mirror today and shined a flash light and i could see what looked like a tooth, but not by the other teeth at all. it was like IN the side of my throat. could this be a wisdom tooth? and will it be okay to wait until tomorrow to get it looked at?

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    do you have a fever along with it?

    It sounds like it could be strep throat. Strep throat can turn your tonsils white, and I could see someone mistaking it for a tooth.

    Here's a pic

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    It sounds like you have tonsil stones. They often appear white and are on the side of your throat. Do a test. Stck a Q-tip on that white spot and rub around a bit. Pull it out a smell it. If it smells to high heaven, it's a tonsil stone. Try to get it out.

    Also, sometimes tonsil stones makes swallowing painful

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    I highly doubt it's a wisdom tooth if it is close to your throat. You could have inflamed tonsils. It wouldn't hurt to see a dentist, but from what you're telling me it sounds more like a medical issue.


  • Wisdom teeth come in by your other molars, not in your throat. I would call a doctor and set up an appt.

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