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Why are the big oil and energy companies in favour of cap and trade?

Apparently the big oil companies and power generators (like Shell, BP and the Pacific Gas & Electric Corporation) are very much in favour of cap and trade. Do you think this they're genuine in their concern for the environment, or is it something else?

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    Follow the money............. Cap and trade will artificially raise energy costs and these companies are in the energy business. More revenue for providing the same of product = ever increasing profit. All brought to you by your government. You think they are looking out for you? Cap and trade will also make tons of money for the investment banks.

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    Because they've figured out how they can use it to raise prices.

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    They want to avoid regulation. They want the free market solution.

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    if they thought this out then it must be extremly good.........................for them of course and like usual we keep paying the tab...average the math average guy always foots the bills...tell me something new...

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