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How to improve my fantasy team? I am one of the last in the league?

I am in a 12 man league playing head 2 head. I am in 10th place right now, what are some trade or pickups that i can do to improve the team?

PG Brandon Jennings

(Mil - PG)

SG Josh Howard

(Dal - SG,SF)

G Jonny Flynn

(Min - PG,SG)

SF Paul Pierce

(Bos - SG,SF)

PF Rudy Gay

(Mem - SF,PF)

F LaMarcus Aldridge

(Por - PF,C)

C Rasheed Wallace

(Bos - PF,C)

C Tyson Chandler

(Cha - C)

Util Chris Paul

(NO - PG)

Util Josh Smith

(Atl - SF,PF)

BN Emeka Okafor

(NO - PF,C)

BN Robin Lopez

(Pho - PF,C)

BN Randy Foye

(Was - PG,SG)

PS: Should i drop randy foye, he's not contributing as much as i thought he would?

thanx, 10 pts for best ans.

1 Answer

  • Tony
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Well. I don't know which free agents are available to tell you if it's worth dropping players, but I don't like Randy Foye, Robin Lopez and even Rasheed Wallace.

    Try to trade Josh Howard, he gets hurt often and his numbers are not as good as in the past.

    Go back to previous match-ups, you might be able to tell if in some areas like PTS, BLK, FT% you might be losing often. You will need new player that are good in your bad areas.

    This sounds like obvious (duh), but many people don't do it.

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