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New york jets playoffs?

I am a huge new york jets fan but does anyone else think that they can pull it off?


and also do you think that the jets defense can shut down the colts passing game

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    Jets fan here to man. As for your question, it would be very difficult. However, their chances increased when the Jaguars lost to the Colts on Thursday. In order for the Jets to make it, they would probably have to win out. Chances are, the teams that are 6-7 aren't going to make it. We are pretty much talking about a race between the Jets, Ravens, Dolphins, and Broncos. The Jets play a beat up Falcons team this week, which should be a win. Then they play the Colts and the Bengals. The Colts are giving the impression that they are going for the undefeated season. This doesn't bode well for the Jets because the Colts make for a tough matchup. However, I picture the Jets as a perfect team to face the Colts. Picture it for a minute... Derelle Revis vs. Reggie Wayne. Makes for an interesting match up. The Bengals are also a tough match up, but with the reason death to the Bengals wide receiver, they have less of a passing threat. The Jets will place Revis on Ochocinco. The Jets just need to stop the run. Then there running game needs to be at full strength against the underrated Cincinnati defense. It is not impossible for the Jets to win out. The Ravens play the Bears, Stellers, and Raiders to close the season (probably go 2-1). The Dolphins play Tennessee, Houston, then Pittsburgh (probably go 1-2). Denver play Oakland, Philadelphia, then Kansas City (probably go 2-1). This is how I see it playing out. Denver will have the top wild-card seed with a 10-6 record. The Ravens will get the second seed spot with a 9-7 record. I believe that the Jets will also have a 9-7 record, but will miss out on the playoffs because they lose the tiebreaker over Baltimore. The division doesn't look to good for the Jets either because the Patriots have an easy schedule to end the year. Like I said, either the Jets need to win out, or they need to get some help.

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    I'm a big fan too, but coming from a realistic point of view, I believe we can get in. Jacksonville lost which is great, and Miami could lose against a hot Tennessee team, leaving the Jets and Baltimore, if the Jets win of course. It won't be easy with Sanchez in the snow, but it can certainly be done. Baltimore plays Chicago this weekend, then finishes their schedule with Pittsburgh & Oakland. Pittsburgh is struggling obviously, but Oakland has been known to upset the much bigger team this season. It looks decent, but it won't be easy by any means with Indy & Cincy still left on the Jets schedule.

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    No, I believe that the New York Jets will finish the 2012 season in 2nd place in the AFC East division, with an 8-8 record, and miss the playoffs for the 2nd straight season.

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    The Jets need help to get in. Baltimore still has a relatively easy schedule - they don't play a team with a winning record and the Broncos still have Oakland and KC on the schedule. It's possible though.

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    Obviously they have to win the rest of their games and hope for some help. If Sanchez can get back to where was early in the season, I believe that's the only chance they have. They can run the ball and play good defense, yes. But they are going to have to get the QB to play better if they want to get in. At this point they aren't the only team fighting to get in, so whoever plays better down the stretch will be the team to do so. Do they have a shot? Yes.

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    Going to be hard to get by the Colts and the Bengals - will be a major victory to get into the playoffs. Almost downhill from getting in. It would be a great story but I would not put money on it.

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    Yesss i am a huge jets fan too i think we are in good postion we can def. beat colts

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    The Patriots will win the division and the Dolphins will get the wild-card spot. Broncos will get the other AFC wild-card spot.

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    Absolutely zero chance. Go Dolphins!!

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    1you suck go dolphins 2 absolutly no way both the ravens and DOLPHINS would have to lose at some point and one of them will win out so forget it buddy

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