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Serious side effects of vaccination?

my brothers friends brother had autism after taking MMR. is it really worth taking vaccines such as swine flu vaccine as we don't know the consequences?

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    Vaccinations are necessary for things like MMR, hepatitis and etc. because you can die from those diseases easily and they can be contagious. If people were not so dirty and they just washed there hands we would not need flu shots.

    So if you are a clean and healthy person, and you know how to take care of yourself if you do get sick. The answer is no, you do not need a vaccination. But if the disease being vaccinated is required for your survival I would recommend it. Just try to reduce your exposure to unnecessary vaccinations.

    Yes vaccinations are very bad and contain many hazardous preservatives like, Mercury, Formaldehyde, and poly sorbate.

    Instead of a flu shot, take Vitamin D. It contains small fragments of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that have very beneficial effects on the immune system's ability to fight against germs including viruses and bacteria.

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    there is no valid scientific proof that vaccines caused autism. before 1994 thimerisal used as a preservative in vaccines was blamed for causing autism, and the government banned use of it in childrens vaccines.....but since 1994 the rate of autism in children has gone UP, not down, as would have been expected had thimerisal indeed been the culprit. Also, children that have never had a vaccine in their lives have also been shown to be experiencing a marked rise in autism, so I very much doubt that vaccines are the causitive factor in autism at all.

    I am sorry your brother suffers from autism.....but it was not the mmr vaccine that caused it.

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    There is no scientific proof that vaccines cause autism. There are alot of " natural " Dr's who say it does, but they can offer no proof. If vaccines cause autism, then why aren't all children autistic? Millions of children get vaccinated every year.

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