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Anonymous asked in TravelAsia PacificKorea · 1 decade ago

What are the best F.T Island- Hangul island episodes?

I've been meaning to watch it but theres so many episodes and theres 2 seasons. So i was just wandering which episodes from which season is the best, in your opinion and i should definitely watch it. THANX :D

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    Teehee~ FT Island's Hanguel Island shows are the best. ;]

    *points to self..* FTI Fan. >W<

    Anyway, yes there are 2 seasons and they are both different in some ways. It depends which one you prefer to watch.

    Season 1 is set in Japan and more like in the year of 2008's summer, and with Oh Wonbin (former member of FT Island). ^^ There are a total of 24 episodes.

    Season 2 is set in Korea instead, and is like near March of 2009, also this time with the new member, Song Seunghyun. ^^ There are a total of 12 episodes.

    Personally, I find that Season 1 was pretty good. It showed FT Island's young and mischievous side and their adorableness. xDD

    From Season 1, I recommend ALL episodes. :] But I guess that answer doesn't really help you much. xDD

    So I recommend episodes,

    Episodes 1 - 7.

    ~> I find these super cute because this was when FT Island didn't know any Japanese, and they had to find their way to Shibuya from the Airport by themselves. They sure had some difficulties and they're so adorablee~ X3

    and in episodes 6-7 it would show FT Island in their apartment in Japan and 2 members, Oh Wonbin and Choi Minhwan trying to cook a meal for the rest of the members. I personally LOVED those 2 episodes because I'm a Minhwan fan. =3

    For Season 2, I will also put as "must watch" too, because it will show the FT Island members have matured but are still mischievous and still are too cute. xDDD

    I would again recommend ALL episodes. xDD

    But the episodes that I love and do actually recommed are::

    Episode 1 ~> Mainly focus on Lee Jaejin's musical, "Sonagi". The whole episode is mainly about Jaejin performing in the musical. I personally loved it because..I'm a Jaejin fan also. xDD

    Episode 2 ~> Focused on Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan and Song Seunghyun on their way to school and I find it pretty cute. >W<

    Episode 4 ~> A small continuation of Jaejin, Minhwan and Seunghyun at school for "Teacher's Day". and the filming of the opening of Hanguel Island Season 2. ^___^

    Episode 5 ~> If you are also a Minhwan Fan, then I will highly recommend this episode. :3 It's focused all on Minhwan filming in the drama, "On The Road Home" back in the beginning of the year. >W<

    Episode 11-12 ~> It shows FT Island in Seoul's amusement park "Lotte World". Gahahh~ They're so adorable. I have to say it's a MUST WATCH!. cute. xD

    But again, if you have time I would recommend to watch all the episodes. ^__^

    If you are looking for English Subbed episodes of Hanguel Island Season 1, Primanoona is a very good site to watch them. They have subbed to episode 15 and I have to thank them so much....kekekeke..xDDD

    If you are looking for English Subbed episodes of Hanguel Island Season 2, Ledoqueen90's account from Youtube have most of the episodes. ^__^ I have to thank them a lot also. Kekkeke~ xDD

    *phew*...that was a lot of typing. I hope that this helps you. XD and if you have any other questions about them you can e-mail me, and I'll try my best to help. ^___^

    FT Island ish just too awesome....>//////////////<


    Source(s): Love FT Island. =] Minhwan & Jaejin <33
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hmm, i think ft island's ' my rock story' is nice.

    & let me sleep here tonight.

    && Ft island's Boys over flowers parody/ wife's temptation(Seunghyun's farking gorgeous.) .

    &&& you gotta watch their music videos (Y)(Y)(Y)

    &&&& Ftisland in japan.

    &&&&& , MINHWAN'S AEGYO!

    Sorry but for Hangul island , i only watched th first episode.

    You can try watching th above mentioned videos if you have not watched it , of course there are many other videos :)

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