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Which book should i read of the following?

I already read the twilight series and i loved it! ha. So should i read,

A)Vampire Diaries

B)A Stephen King book

C)Night world

Or just choose a book that is kinda of like these. Also I absolutly hate a lot of drama so please pick the one with the least drama nad is a vcery addicting boo. Thank you!


Also are stphen kings books like really hard to read??

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    Well if you don't want drama, King is out. Vampire Diaries I read, and really liked (though the TV show is completely different than the book, but both are still really good.) But it, of course, has drama. Most books do, it keeps the story interesting. Night World I also read (all 3 volumes) and really liked that too, but also had drama. It's kind of hard to find a book without any or much drama really, if you want a GOOD book... but out of those two, Night World had less drama I guess, it was just that a lot happened, which is understandable since there's so many pages, and volumes. So i guess for it's size it's reasonable.

    Lol sorry, I talk a lot when it comes to books, I'm an avid reader. But really, LJ Smith is a really good writer in the YA section, and I'd suggest Vamp Diaries, NW, Secret Circle, and I'm currently reading "Dark Visions" from LJ Smith.

    And one last thing, they all have multiple books, so make sure you get the beginning ones and not a random one lol some people do that and never check :]

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    Vampire Diaries or somthing by Stephen King, I have read some Stephen King, and two books of Vampire Diaries, but, If I were you I would read the back or first chapter of each bboook, you may like, and then deside. I hope I helpped.

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    Stephen Kings

    The Dark Tower series.

    1. The Gunslinger

    2. Drawing of the Three

    3. The Wastelands

    4. Wizard and Glass

    5. Wolves of Calla

    6. Song of Susannah

    7. The Dark Tower.

    One great story in seven novels.


    (Old favorite) "The Shining."

    (New favorite) Duma Key. <}:-})

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    A Stephen King book most definitely. His books are so original and so ingenious.

    Aren't you a little sick of the Vampire craze by now?... Stephen King isn't hard to read, in my opinion. I don't think you'll have any trouble =) It doesn't really matter which book of his that you start with, you'll be hooked right away, trust me.

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    Read a Stephen King book. Read Stephen King's Misery! That one's brilliant.

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    Wait till you read Stephen King. Then you'll realize the terrible author Stephanie Meyer truly is. Stephen King, on the other hand, can actually write...well.

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    Kitty and the Midnight Hour. It's good. I like this book, enough that I bought the rest of the series in the same day.

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    Southern Vampire Mysteries it's for you

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    I think you should go with the Vampire Diaries. Hope this helps!

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    I suggest you read a walter dean myers book lol monster is a good book by him

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