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did you ever feel bad that you yelled at your dog?

i never once yelled at my dog like i did tonight. i really screamed

she wouldnt take her medicine and i was trying to get her to swallow, but she wouldnt

i feel so badly that i hurt her by yelling

i have had her for 6 years and never

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    Again, we all make mistakes. Don't feel bad, you were just upset that she wasn't cooperating while she is sick and you are trying to make her better.

    Anyway, on my note...funny you should ask...I just told my rooommate that I feel terrible for yelling at my dog last night! I have a miniature chocloate dapple dachshund. I always brag on here that she is the perfect dog...never does anything naughty. Well, did I get what was coming to me. My rooomate left a container of food (tupperware) in a bag in her room (lunch bag) right next to the closed door. Well, while I was at work, Bella, my doxie, "dug" a hole in the carpet by my roommates door. I came home, and it looked like my dog killed a "rug monster"--fibers all over. My dog has NEVER done anything destructive--never digs, chews, etc. It is so weird--it must have been the food plus I can hardly exercise her as it is too cold for her to be outside longer than 5 min. now. I play tug and fetch indoors as much as I can, but when it is warm, I take her to the park tons!

    Anyway, I screamed at her & put her in "time out" in her bed. She put her ears back...did the dachshund "shakes" (dachsunds like shake all the time--happy, sad, scared, begging for food, etc.). Well, I called her into me after about 5 min. of time out.

    I feel bad, and she already forgot about it. I shouldn't have yelled. She most likely had no clue why i was yelling, and I lost my temper. I was just so upset that she actually destroyed part of the carpet. Thankfully, it is a small patch in the corner by the hinged area of the door and not as disappointed in her...lectured my roommate too.

    I mean, she never bothers stuff...none of the presents under the tree--nothing...grr....okay, I am over it

    Yes, I feel terrible. She is 3, and I have never yelled/screamed like that at her either.

    In retrospect, I am kinda sad that I didnt' take a picture of her standing in her pile of "rug monster guts" looking all guilty--it will be cute/funny later, after I am completely over the destruction factor. I think I should call her "Marley" for the weekend (oi).

    Anyway, dogs forgive and forget stuff like that in about 2 mins. Don't think a second more about it. My dog snuggled up to me right after her "time out" or "spot"/"bed" command...licking me...nudging me...and snuggled right up to me at bed time. Your dog doesn't remember it either and loves you like you are god to her!

    I hope that she gets better soon!

    ~Jessica (& Bella the naughty carpet killer)

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    Just let it go. You didn't hit your dog, so that's good. Sometimes we yell at kids and dogs when there is danger to them or to expensive stuff. Now you know to put your cello in a safe place anytime you aren't holding it. Hope your cello is okay! Your dog knows where your heart is. You sound like a great dog owner to me.

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    What I used to do when giving my dog pills was stick it in a glob of peanut butter or something I could wrap around the pill. You can also hold the mouth shut, lean the head back, and gently stroke the throat.

    Now to answer your question, yes, once. Years ago I had what I thought was a cool oil cloth duster coat. It was hanging on one of our dining room chairs. I was getting ready for school, and my old dog walked by the chair and proceeded to lift his leg and peed all over my jacket. I screamed his name so loud I'm surprised I didn't wake the neighborhood! My dog was so scared that he literally walked around the table and wouldn't get near me. Of course afterward I felt bad, and can now laugh about it, cause it was pretty funny.

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    I sometimes have to raise my voice to get my dog to do what i ask... especially when we first get to a dog park or trail -- she is overly excited and doesn't want to listen. No i don't feel badly, because in this case, she needs to pay attention to me, even if she's excited. Most of the time, i don't yell.

    When i have to give my dog medicine, i have her come and sit in front of me. I put four treats on a chair where she can see them. i give her a treat, pet her, give another treat. then i give the med, followed by the other two treats. i don't know if this will work for you, but it might be worth a try.

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  • Calvin
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    I yell at Calvin(my bird) sometimes because I'm just so steamed I need an outlet.

    Then I fell kind of bad then...her really didn't deserve it at all.

    Sometimes, when he is being really bad...I yell at him.

    It does no good at all, though...birds have the minds of toddlers, any attention for bad behavior will just result in even worse...

    Your supposed to chill and look him/her straight in the eye and say no....

    A lot of the time, though, I think Calvin understands that I'm mad at him.

    I don't really feel bad then, I kind of feel like he deserved it.

    Weird, but...

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    I definitely always feel bad for yelling at my dog.

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    yes he is the one that comes apologizing to me when i should to him.when im do yelling at him(i don't yell at him for no reason only if he done something bad) i would always just sit down or lay on my bed and he would creep closer to me and jump on me with alot of kisses and whines,i always feel bad for yelling at my dog

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    I know that feeling......

    But if you praise her and be with her alot for a while, she will get over it, and still love you no matter if you screamed at her.

    I've been in that same situation so you should tray it, my dog still loves me.

    hope this helps! =) Wishing the best!

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    I do, too. I yell at them & they look all cute & innocent & then I feel bad. Lol

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    ill yell at my pets, then they look all innocent and cute and im like awww im sorrry and i hug them and its okay

    pets are totally forgiving

    well....cats hold grudges

    but still lol

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