I want to use my at&t Tilt cell phone as a wireless adapter to pick up interenet for my Desktop computer?

I have a HP desktop computer that is pretty new and I have a cell phone I'm sure can plug into my computer via USB and use the phone to pick up internet for my computer. My phone picks up the wifi zone that I'm at and so I was thinking it could pick up the same for my computer.

The options I see on my cell phone are these:

1. "Beam"....I don't know what that is.

2. Bluetooth

3. Connections....mentions about setting up a new modem conn. and VPN conn and proxy

4. GPRS Setting....don't know what that is either. gives an opt. of PAP or CHAP Authentication

5. USB to PC...Changing the type of USB connection your device uses can help with problems connecting active sync

opt given: enable advance network Functionality

6. Wi-Fi...shows my wireless networks in range and the network adapter settings. It is defaulted on IEEE 802.11b/g Compatible Wifi

7. Wireless LAN.....just shows the SSID I'm connected with the mode and channel.

8. Wireless Manager Just shows all the wireless options I have. ie. bluetooth, wifi, speaker, email, etc.

9. Wireless Modem.... and this is where I think I need to look into more. it is mentioning about simulating this cell phone as a wireless modem, letting my pc be connected to a network wirelessly. I'm going to shut of my wifi adapter on my laptop and test it out.


Also I don't have a data plan to go with the phone. I'm just using the Wifi function.

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    Haha I love how you wrote all of this down!

    Now I feel like you deserve any help.

    Here goes my part:

    "I have a question regarding tethering with the 8925. I currently have the Unlimited PDA connect with unlimited messaging for $50 a month. This does not include tethering. I noticed that there is a program shortcut that has been mysteriously left out of my "Programs" in the start menu. This program is located at:


    I used active sync to browse here, right clicked and cliked "create shortcut". I then cut and pasted the shortcut to:

    \windows\start menu\programs

    so that it will show up in my programs folder."

    I read the above on the forum in:


    If you do not know how to get to that file, just ask me later on - AIM = Terms

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Me ^_^
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