Where can I get an empty balikbayan box in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Need to ship a laptop to the Philippines.?

I asked a friend to ship a laptop that i bought online (because it is cheaper than here). I don't want to hassle her so much in looking for balikbayan boxes and shipping it to Cebu Philippines. Where can I get a balikbayan box nearest to Weston City or in Fort Lauderdale? Please give me names of stores and if you have the address and telephone number, include them in your answers too. Also, do you know any balikbayan box courier nearest to Weston City? Do they offer pick-up service and do they send an empty balikbayan box to your place? If you have an experience sending balikbayan boxes, specifically a laptop, let me know. Your answers will be really helpful. Thanks! and Happy Holidays in advance to you all :)

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    JJ Oriental Food Mart‎

    11238 Pines Boulevard

    Pembroke Pines, FL 33026-4101

    (954) 438-8909


    EJS Oriental Foodmart Inc

    3437 North Hiatus Road, Sunrise, FL

    (954) 742-3308‎

    your friend can try calling those stores to ask if they host courier services such as forexworld. If not, the person from the store will point them in the right direction.

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    check teamLBC.com for address of dealers in your area or call any oriental grocery store to find out if they have the boxes for sale. usually $5.00 The boxes are 24x24x24 in. with NO weight limit. When you list the contents vague about the contents I put down used clothes, canned goods, gifts & used toys. Do not list the laptop!

    Source(s): Shipped over 50 boxes during the last 9 years with no problems.
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    try this link

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