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what does the movie christmas carol (scrooge) has to do with the bible?

i need to this event at Church as a play but i just don't understand why the christmas carol with scrooge has to do with anything.

thanks. points will go to the person who describes it well.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Charles Dickens takes a kind of morality play that involves a sinner in need of repentance and a "new heart" of generosity and put it into the context of Victorian England. There are supernatural figures that are akin to the transformative and declarative angels of the Bible (like Gabriel in the New Testament gospels) who have a kind of capacity to perform miracles and to travel long distances of space and time.

    It is a kind of parable -- common means of storytelling for Jesus in Matthew/Mark/Luke -- like the Rich Man and Lazarus -- but it is also like other stories of the author's 19th century context as far as cliff-hanger tensions that won't be resolved until the third of three "ghosts" appears and takes him to an up close and personal encounter with Death itself (that part is like a horror movie). . .

    Ebenezer is a "Bible name" itself but the Old Testament bearer of this name has nothing to do with the British lead character. . .

  • 1 decade ago

    The theme of the movie could apply to any time of the year not just at Christmas.....that there is rewards in being nice, to give of oneself to others in need. Having enough and keeping it for yourself is not the way to be happy. Making others happy always makes us feel good too and is a biblical teaching.

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