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Are "Messianic" Jews a real religion? Why can't they just be Jews or Christians?

Jews all say that that "Messianic" Jews are not Jews.

"Messianic" Jews claim to be Jews but are not accepted as such by other Jews.

Do i have to become a Jew to be a Christian?


Devoted 1, i am seeking knowledge about things i don't understand. Your group and Jews debate a lot whenever i ask and i often get violation for asking about you. My family was never Jewish but we converted to Christianity centuries when French Jesuits lived with the American Indians. can you tell me why i am not Christian even though i was never a Jew?

Update 2:

Devoted 1 what i really don't know is what a "Messianic Jews" is. I know i am not what you call Torah observant and i know my ancestors would not have converted to Christianity if they said we had to raise our meat on farms instead of hunting elk, deer, and bear like we always have

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    No. The Messianic Jew movement was started by an Evangelical. It is an anti-semitic concept with the sole intent of diluting what it means to be Jewish.

    Stay away from hateful cults!

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    The description of the Creation of Woman in the Bible is rather Symbolic. First of all it says that it is not good for man to be alone (I would like to point out it doesn't say that about women). Then it goes on to talk about how Women was created by pulling a rib out of Adam's Chest. Not a bone from the foot to be trampled upon, and not a bone from the head to be above, but a bone from the chest to be equal to. Now think farther, what purpose do the ribs serve? They protect vital and life giving organs. A woman by God's plan fills the same role. They are to be respected, honored, cherished, and protected. In the Bible do you know of anywhere it mentions God's wife? It isn't in there. Why? Not because he is not married. In Genesis God says a man should be married. So to be perfect a man must be married, and God is perfect so God is married. If God is married why don't we read about his wife anywhere? Answer, If you knew that your name would be treated in the manner that God's has would any good husband allow that to be done to his wife? No, and so instead of doing something to limit our agency He didn't mention His Wife, and thus She does not have Her name desecrated like His has been. As far as the passage you refer to in Timothy I would imagine that is one of the many spots in the Bible that have been the victim of intentional or unintentional mistranslations over the centuries. Women are not 2nd class citizens. Christ in his ministry taught that, not with words but His actions. If you look at the respect that He showed the women He interacted with, and compare that with how women were treated in that day, you will see he was downright revolutionary. He would have made just about any womens rights activist today happy. When you take that into account there are plenty of reasons why a woman would be a Christian. Oh yes I should mention I am a male.

  • Simple:

    All Jews believe (or should believe) in the Messiah.

    Messianic Jews are simply those who (like Jesus' Jewish disciples and the church in the first century) believe that Jesus is the Messiah that God promised them.

    According to the Bible, a Jewish person who believes that Jesus is the Messiah, becomes a "completed Jew".

    Christian means "follower of Christ".

    So, Messianic Jews are Jews who both believe and follow Christ as their LORD, Savior and Messiah.

    Because of Israel's unique position before God, Jews (secular ones for example) become "completed Jews" or in other words Jewish followers of Christ.

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    We Messianic Jews are called that because we are of Jewish parentage, we are Torah-observant and we embrace the Jewish Messiah. We are not Christians because we don't keep Christian holidays. We also keep God's Sabbaths.

    No, you don't have to "become a Jew to be a Christian." You already know that. Christians aren't Torah-observant as Messianic Jews and Messianic believers are.

    You know this, David, yet you keep asking. What are you trying to accomplish?


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    There is no such thing as a "Messianic Jew;"

    this term was coined by a Baptist Minister who wished he was Jewish.

    According to Judaism; when someone leaves the Jewish faith,

    they are Apostate; and no longer considered a Jew.

    The majority of the followers have never been Jewish;

    perhaps it is wishful thinking on their part.

    They dilute the Jewish faith, it seems like they are "

    picking and choosing" what they are following

    Good question, thanks

    God Bless You

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    If Judaism states that Messianics are not Jews - how on earth CAN they be 'jewish'...?

    It's like me claiming to be a French citizen, even though I don't live in France and have refused TO go and live in France! France says I am NOT a French citizen, but I get to over-ride what France says regarding my 'french' status....!

    That's what Messianics do. They worship Jesus as 'christ'. They embrace all the basic Christian theology. They follow the Christian scriptures.

    Most Messianics were *never* Jews to start with.

    **Literally** not Jews - literally Gentiles.

    The entire Messianic movement was founded by Martin Meyer - an ordained BAPTIST MINISTER!

    Since when do BAPTISTS get to REdefine Judaism to include practising Christianity???

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    Messiah says salvation is of the jews -john 4:22

    paul explains ; he is not a jew who is 1 outwardly ,nor is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh,but he is a jew who is 1 inwardly;and circumcision is that which is of the heart,by the spirirt,not by the letter;and his praise is not from men but from God - romans 2:28-29

    i chose to believe what Messiah and Paul tell us rather than what the rabbis teach from their mishna/oral law (written 200ad) that they imply Moses forgot to write down in 1440 bc ?

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    I can't answer the first part of your question,but no you do not have to be a Jew to be a Christian. A Christian is a follower of Christ's teachings.

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    No, you don't

    "messianic Jews" are just another Christian denomination. They are in no way Jewish.

    But they are adamant in their refusal to acknowledge that they are Christians. This despite the fact that they love and adore and worship Jesus Christ as the divine son of God who died on the cross and was resurrected, they hold the Christian New Testament as sacred and holy and take every word in it as gospel truth. Sounds mighty Christian now, doesn't it?

    Most "messianic Jews" were born and raised all their lives as Christians. Very few former Jews belong to this bizarre cult, which also features Christian ministers who call themselves rabbis.

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    No doubt about it, they're Christians who wish they were Jews.

    Also, ALL Jews are "Messianic."

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