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Affordable Kitchen Knives?

I'm trying to get a knife set for my boyfriend by Christmas, but I don't know where to start. Buying a bunch of individual knives would be too expensive for our budget. Can anyone tell me an affordable kitchen knife set, without sacrificing too much quality? He's a cook. Thanks!

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    I agree with the above poster:

    "Knife Sets" are really a waste of money. Period. This is coming from a professionally trained chef.

    What I did for my "knife collection" is to buy a knife that I LIKED, was affordable and did the task that I required it to do.

    I basically use just 4 knives:

    A Kitchen Aid Santoku Knife (I have 2, and they get used the most and I get them sharpened once a month)

    A Chef's knife: for the large cuts of meat, or to pierce the skin and cut through tough things (like acorn squash)

    A boning knife (both 6 and 8 inch) I use these to filet meats.........

    Finally, a paring knife: This is the workhorse in my kitchen. It gets used everyday, several times a day.

    So, in conclusion, I would get him a GIFT CERTIFICATE to a place like Williams Sonoma, Chef's Tools, or Sur La Table..............That way, HE can determine which knife is best for him........

    Like writing pens, knives have different weights and balances.........Let HIM decide........

    Christopher K.

    Source(s): I was professionally trained at Le Cordon Bleu........LCB certified........
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    I highly recommend knives by victorinox forschner. Have you asked him if he wants a knife set? Some serious cooks don't like sets, because they include rarely-used pieces that get in the way. The chef's knife from this manufacturer can be had for under $30, and it's the most commonly-used knife a cook uses.

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