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I found out my 7 month old kitten has Feline Leukemia Virus. What am I gonna do?

It is contagious and I have another older cat that tested negative. I feel that I have to make a tough decision and have the kitten put down. It is a purebred Singapura and I've been trying to contact the breeder but she is ducking me right now, although I am sure she got my e-mail notifying her of the situation. If the breeder wasnt aware of the FeLV than I'm sure she's taking this hard as it is highly contagious and who knows how many of her cats have this deadly virus.

I think I am going to have the kitten tested one more time and if it comes back positive again I'll euthenize him.



Thanks for the response. We seem to be on the same page. On one hand I don't want to pursue a refund, but on the other hand I feel that the breeder should help out in some way.

The main thing is that this is so hard for me, the little guy has stayed by my side constantly for the short time I've had him. He is always sitting on my lap, and I taught him to play fetch with little rolled up paper balls. When I put on my shoes I always find a little paper ball in there from him. He was the sweetest kitten and would melt the coldest heart. Everyone pay extra attention to your feline over the holidays and show appreciation for your loved ones! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Update 2:

Cat Lover thanks for your response. I will take your advice on the IFA. I cannot risk the older cat getting ill though, I don't think it's fair to him. I will explore your suggestion however as I would of course like to avoid euthanisation.

Update 3:

I live in a small 1 bedroom condo btw

Update 4:

I asked the doctor about a shelter for the kitten but she claimed that no one would take him in. I will explore this more. He deserves the best and he has a lot of love to give. It wouldn't be right to just put him down.

I'm really glad I asked this question here.

Update 5:

just an update: I found a shelter that is a little over an hour away. I was told that it's expensive, but I'm willing to shell out some cash so that the kitten can live, plus I would love to visit him.

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    You do have a choice other than euthanization. Yes it is contagious, but if you keep them separated, and follow common sense hygiene, your older cat will be unlikely to contract it.

    As I am sure you realize, the vaccine against Feline leukemia is not all that protective.

    Your kitten is old enough that a false positive is unlikely, but a second test is a good idea. But a suggestion would be to request a IFA test. The best way to do this would be to send out an IFA (immunofluorescent assay) test to a reference lab, since in office tests for feline leukemia false positives are more common than true positives, since most cats never really get the disease anyway.

    Since you probably paid a great deal for your cat, that seems a reasonable thing to do.

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    So sorry to hear about your kitten- very sad, but there is hope. First, if your older cat is not vaccinated for feline leukemia, make sure to get your older cat vaccinated asap.

    Second, whether you put the kitten down is at your discretion, but if the kitten is not showing symptoms there is not need to put it down just yet. This article may help:

    definitely talk to your vet about the pros and cons, and ask your vet how to care for a cat with leukemia before you put him/her down- caring for a sick cat can be done. For sure the kitten will have to be an indoor cat as to not infect others kitties in your neighborhood.

    Think of all the people living with cancer, why not a cat too? Good luck, and give the kitten lots of love either way- no matter how short the time on earth needs to be given love.

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    It sounds like your making the right decision. You may also want to retest your older cat as well.

    The person you got the kitten from may very well be aware there are problems coming from her breeding cats. You may want to consider reporting her if she continues to sell animals that are sick. You might even sue her for vet bills and cost of the pet.

    If she wasn't aware and you know she's not going to sell anymore pets than see if she'll work something out with you on return of your investment.

    I'm sorry this happened to your pet.

    Good luck in the future.

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    I agree with "cat lover".

    Also, a call to nearby (or even not-so-nearby,) rescues would be in order. Some rescues work with Feline Leukemia positive cats, placing them in homes with other positive FeLV cats. These cats can live long and happy lives, often to the age of non infected cats, and should, IMHO, be given the chance.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): Experience. Work in rescue.
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    If your kitten is really suffering then waiting probably isnt the best option. What has your vet suggested?

    I would also consider getting your other cat vaccinated against this to prevent any future concerns!

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