Will the doctor tell you if your magnesium level is a little deficient during a routine blood test?

Or will they ignore it? Because I think i have a magnesium deficiency and I don't think I've ever been told in my life that I do.

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    If you want to boost your magnesium level you could have lots of nuts as they are rich in magnesium.

    A routine blood test normally includes potassium and sodium as well as calcium but magnesium does not seem to be covered.

    Perhaps you can find further information in a web search for "magnesium deficiency symptoms".

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    You might have to ask specifically that they test for it, because it may not be included in the usual standard tests.

    Why do you think you are deficient in Magnesium?

    If it was tested for and found to be normal - would you believe the doctor or would you think they are lying to you for some reason?

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