How long does it take to get lung cancer when smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day?

Im 13 and can i get lung cancer if i smoke 1-2 cigarettes per day? if so how long does it take to smoke to get lung cancer? and is there any way i can prevent myself from lung cancer and/or lip cancer??

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    The issue is, if you continue to smoke it's VERY unlikely you'll remain at only 1 -2 cigs per day.

    However, some people smoke moderately to heavily all their lives and never develop lung cancer. Some people never smoke a single drag and do develop lung cancer.

    No one can tell you if you will develop it or not...but smoking does increase the risks, as well as risks of heart disease and other illnesses because of the effects it has on the body. For example, smoking causes your blood to thicken, thus blood pressure issues could arise. That can be potentially serious.

    The best way to prevent cancer, is to not participate in the behaviors that raise your risk of getting it. ☺

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    this is not like mathematics, there are some people that have lung cancer after smoking many years and others which didn't smoke at all suffer from lung cancer. U should consider passive smoking to this equation too, if people around u smoke a lot it is as if u r smoking too and also your genetic tendencies, if a close family member like father/mother/brother has lung cancer add it too. but in the bottom line, please don't smoke! Sharona

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    Cigarettes affect people differently so there is really no answer to that question. But i can give you a fact. If you smoke 1 cigarette a day for a whole year you will get 1 cup of tar in your lungs.

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    No one knows the answer to this.

    The majority of lung cancer cases are lifelong heavy smokers. But that being said, there are cases of people getting from second hand smoke, and from light smoking also.

    1-2 cigs a day is not much at all, however the problem is that it always leads to more. Even if you dont get sick from smoking, you will look like crap by the time you are 35. Take a look at women in their 40-50s who have smoked their whole lives, most of them look like garbage.

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    You can get lung cancer from smoking just one. Every cigarette you smoke raises your risk. The only way to be sure that you don't get lung cancer is to stop smoking. You won't always stay at 1-2 per day. It'll slowly increase until before you know it, you're in the 1-2 PACKS per day.

    It's not worth it. Don't smoke. Be tobacco (and other drugs) free.

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    You don't have to smoke to get lung cancer. Smoking just greatly increases your risk for it. I actually had a patient dead eye me one evening and ask "Why me? I eat right, don't drink, don't smoke, run 2 miles a day. Why me?" The man was a college professor. He died from lung cancer.

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    Number one thing you could do :

    don't smoke/ stay away from second hand smoking.

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