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Women who convert to Islam for their husband/fiance?


I was doing dawah today in milan, italy along with 5 other brothers and i met with a woman who told me she wanted to convert because her husband was muslim. She left Catholicism years ago.

What i said was do you truly want to be muslim for yourself before you want to be muslim for your husband? She said she wasnt sure.

At that point i felt like i couldnt give her the shahadah because it didnt seem for the right reasons. I talked to my brothers about it and they agreed. So we exchanged numbers with the lady and told her we will call her and discuss her conversion inshAllah.

Have we done the right thing? We are planning to get her to convert for the right reasons inshAllah.

And what do you think of women who convert FOR their husbands??

We managed to convert 2 brothers and 2 (inshallah 3) sisters on that day. We seem to be getting more brothers that are converting alhamdullilah. Yesterday we managed to convert even more (4 brothers and a sister). We're also offering classes and groups in the masjid for new converts. InshAllah we'll be able to get this going every friday. Being a fairly new convert myself im finding this great.

And no we are not forcing them or bribing them either lol. :D

Everything is going great alhamdullilah and on behalf of my brothers and i we wish to thank all those who helped us with my first question on dawah. May allah swt reward you.


abdual - wth??????? how is that haram.

ure probably salafi/wahhabi

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  • Khalid
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    1 decade ago
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    Masha Allah.......

    I want to cry with happiness after reading your questions....ohh...its my dream to dawah to that great and let people to see the beauty of Islam.

    Sister, Allah have given you opportunity to spread this light.....never giveup plz.

    and also plz...never never never miss to visit these websites....you will be too much equipt in this feild of Dawah in quick time.....

    may Allah reward you the best.






    One thing is sure that one must convert to islam for Allah and intentions are very important.,

    but I have seen many examples who converts only due to this but later one after tasting this fruite of islam they became very good muslims.

    so if i would in your position..i would let her convert to islam and then keep in touch with her to make her good muslim.

    -----------------------that's only my thoughts......and Allah knows the best.

  • Moops
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    1 decade ago

    You can't revert for a man or a woman. You have to do it for yourself, and as you know in Islam everything is about your intention. If she is simply doing it to make her husband happy, its not going to mean anything. She has to truly believe it herself, and Islam is not something to take lightly or do on a whim. Insha'Allah she will be guided to the straight path. Just keep making dua for her and be there to answer all of her questions to the best of your ability.

  • 1 decade ago

    jazakallah sister

    Its Allah who ever he wants give guidance

    without his mercy and guidance no one will be guided

    most of the time ppl are guided through an incident or someone

    -women who converting for their husband means they are accepting islam Through their husbands that they are just a cause for them and emaan is in in ur heart.

    sister if she was ready and Truly wanted to accept islam and as she had support of her husband as well then i guess it was better if u have talked her and she wanted to revert then u shouldn't had to delay but still jazakallah khairan may allah reward for ur efforts

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  • 1 decade ago

    sister, may allah bless your efforts and forever clear the path to you.

    you were partly right about your decision, but i would have gotten to the bottom of why she isn't sure... preach her a little more about the beauty of islam and how its right... make her feel heart warmed... it might have been an opportunity that she will never give her self again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No one should go to a religion just because of their spouse.

    The guy i will marry is Muslim I made it clear I'm not Muslim and never will be. Since he loves me he accepts me and does not try to change my mind

  • 1 decade ago

    salaam sis

    MashAllah thats really great what you are doing.

    In my opinion, you did the right thing. It's not like you snubbed her or something. You gave her your number. InshAllah you can help her learn about Islam and she will want to convert for the right reasons

  • 6 years ago

    I think people should convert to follow god not because of husband or bf or influence. Thats my opion.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thinking about becoming Muslim so her Muslim boyfriend might marry her


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Say to them "Why do you want to be a Christian?" They don't follow Jesus(pbuh) the way he said. No where in the Bible does Jesus say that he's God and to worship him but thats what Christians do. When Jesus(pbuh) was praying, was he praying to himself? Please watch this video by going to the link below and Shiekh Khalid Yasin explains that Abraham(pbuh), Moses(pbuh), and Jesus(pbuh) were all Muslims. Please go to the link below and watch.

    The Bible was the word of God until people changed it. Today there are more than one thousand differint Bibles.


    Understand that the word Muslim means someone who submits him/herself to the will of God.

    Go to this link below and watch this debate with the Muslim scholar Ahmad Deedat proving to everyone that Jesus(pbuh) said in the Bible that prophet Muhammad(pbuh) will come.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Also Skip Estes who is now Yusuf Estes used to be a Christian minister in the U.S. before he converted to Islam. He became a Muslim when he tried to convert someone else to Christianity. He is known worldwide for his lectures. Please go to the link below to watch him tell his story of how be became a Muslim. It's very interesting.


    Youtube thumbnail

    your gonna have to click on part 2 when part 1 is over and so on.

    Also go to the link below to learn more. It's a great website


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Women who convert for their Husbands do it so they can control their women with sex...and what are you doing praying with 5 brothers thats HARAM!

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