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Happy Friday R&P, What is a "flashboy" anyways? (#50, hey, we're past half way there)?

Hi Everybody.

Here's another installment of my Top 101 (mix tape rules) Countdown. Mix tape rules simply means that I only allowed myself one song per artist/band.

Since we've made it past the mid point, I thought I would do a review of what's happened so far:

101. the Violent Femmes - Add It Up

100. Unkle - Rabbit In Your Headlights

99. the Tyde - Henry VIII

98. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Runnin Down a Dream

97. They Might Be Giants - Road Movie to Berlin

96. the Stranglers - Golden Brown

95. the Vogues - 5 O'Clock World

94. Jethro Tull - New Day Yesterday

93. fIREHOSE - Anti-Masogyny Maneuver

92. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Is This Love?

91. Drive Like Jehu - Here Come Rome Plows

90. Bob Dylan - Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

89. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

88. Yo La Tengo - Stockholm Syndrome

87. Rocket From the Crypt - Killy Kill

86. Band f Horses - Wicked Gil

85. the Monkees - Randy Scouse Git

84. Echo and the Bunnymen - Do It Clean

83. the Starlight Mints - Black Cat

82. Devo - Gut Feeling

81. the Who - the Kids are Alright

80. the Carrie Nations - Find It

79. Andrew Bird - Imitosis

78. Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

77. Portishead - Cowboys

76. Tom Brosseau - Here Come the Water Now

75. Mos Def - Sex, Love and Money

74. the Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin

73. the Specials - Little B*tch

72. PJ Harvey - Me-Jane

71. R.E.M. - Welcome to the Occupation

70. Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

69. Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

68. Bruce Springsteen - Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street

67. Jason Loewenstein - NYC III

66. the Breeders - Only in 3's

65. Okkervil River - It Ends With A Fall

64. the Zombies - Time of the Season

63. Weezer - Tired of Sex

62. The Spires - Wild Death

61. The Mars Volta - The Widow

60. Deerhoof - This Magnifcent Bird Will Rise

59. Robert Pollard - Make Use

58. Talking Heads - Crosseyed and Painless

57. Warren Zevon - Desperados Under the Eaves

56. Modest Mouse - Interstate 8

55. Bruce Hornsby and the Range - The Way It Is

54. Fionn Regan - the Underwood Typewriter

53. Morrissey - Alsatian Cousin

52. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

51. Jane's Addiction - Three Days

Number 50 is a song that in a vibe sort of a way is one of my all time favorite songs from truly one of my favorite records. There is just such a resonating coolness to it. There is a real "strutting through the city" sort of a thing here. I don't know. If I could have a floating, invisible stereo behind me while I walked I would love to have this song playing. Still have no real idea what it's about though.

Blur - Trimm Trabb

Youtube thumbnail

So, what do you think? What's your favorite Blur tune?

BA: Seriously, what is a "flashboy" and if it is something what does "trimm trabb" mean? (I'm assuming it's either British slang or an Albarn-ism)

Thanks a lot everybody. I hope the week is going great.


Hi Punch.

Thanks a lot for the insight. That makes perfect sense to me (especially knowing how Albarn likes to take sarcastic jabs at society (sidenote: that dude is one of my songwriting heroes)). Actually, I think I like the song even more now with that in mind. Thanks a lot Punch. I'm glad to get it more now. Well done.

Hi Shades.

That's really great that you liked it that much. Makes me really happy. I highly recommend that record. Actually I'm listening to it now and, man the right record at the right time can be such a beautiful thing. The Pink Floyd meets the Cure thing is interesting. I wouldn't have thought of that, but I can definitely see where you're coming from there. Nifty observation.

Thanks a lot. Hope you have a great weekend.

Hi Glen.

I know I just said the same thing to Shades, but it makes me really happy that it hit the mark so well. Awesome. I definitely recommend the record (13) if you want to dig deeper. They're a great band.

Have a great weekend...

Update 2:

(ctd)... and thank you very much. I'm really glad you're liking the list.

Update 3:

(insert smile face)

Thanks a lot David. I'm glad you're digging the list. I'm not at liberty to discuss the future though LOL.

Have a great weekend. Thanks a lot man.

Update 4:

Hi Red Devil.

Thanks man. I'm really glad you liked the choice. If you like the comp, I bet you'd probably be into the albums if you ever decide to dig deeper I doubt you'll be disappointed. Song 2 is a very cool tune (actually that was the song that got me to finally open my wallet and finally pick up an album with them). Nice choice.

Have a good one man.

Update 5:

Hi Eric.

I'm glad you liked the tune man. Thank you.

As for the question, yeah. I don't get why people can't just take a step back and not be jerks (even people who are generally nice). Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it has no merrit. I may get snarky sometimes, but I try to reserve it for people who approach things with an attitude. You asked an honest question and certainly didn't deserve that. Sorry you get beat up like that.

Have a good weekend man.

Update 6:

Hi Captain.

Thanks for the "Flash Boy" and Trimm Trabb as a possible shoe insight. It's kind of funny to think of having heard a song so many times and not really know what it's about. Just the feel of it.

Sorry this one wasn't for you. At least this week showed a little redemption. Hopefully we'll get back on track next week (not sure if you're going to be into Monday's installment).

Hey, good is good and Song 2 is good. I'm into it. It was the first one that made me decide "I'm buying a record."

Thanks a lot man. Have a great weekend.

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    Pink Floyd meets The Cure.

    If I had that album I'd *totally* be playing it!

    (never heard of Blur before, tho... how typical, huh? lol)

    BA: No clue.

    Happy *almost* weekend, Prof :-)

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    hey prof

    i was confused at first. 'flashboy' ? no such thing, but 'flash boy' would be a show-off, either in dress or demeanour.

    and i have no idea what a trimm trabb is - it can't be a sneaker, cos that is a person who moves around in a furtive manner, but it might be a trainer...(aka training shoe)

    i've not heard this song before - it's not really doing that much for me.

    didn't follow them too closely, though they were a million miles better than oasis

    favourite blur tune? no doubt a rock cliche now, but can you really not mosh madly when you hear this?

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  • Red
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    Hi Prof,

    Even though I don't have any of their studio albums yet (I only have the Best Of) I do quite like a lot of Blur's music. However, that's one of their songs that I haven't heard before but like the rest of the songs on your list I quite enjoyed it

    Anyway I hope you have a good Friday!


    Oh, I forgot the BQ:

    I don't really know what a flashboy is either but like you said it's probably just some form of British slang.

    Song 2 (I just love that guitar riff)

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    An other great one I enjoyed this very much. But I want to know is when do I get a Stones songs, yeah I know if you put one up it will probably be the last one you do. hahhahhahaa. I'm just joking your going great just by yourself, you don't need help from me, keep up the good work,

    take care


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  • Punch
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    hey Prof!!!

    I have long felt that the song was a comment on the emptiness of consumer culture. "trimm trabbs" are a form of Aditas sneaker, and even though he is as " cool" as the flashboys, he still sleeps alone at the end of the day.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Blur - The Universal

  • Anonymous
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    I've never heard Blur before much. I can't really remember any of the songs I've heard. Thoughj I did enjoy that song

    BQ: Not sure

    btw, on that david bowie/adam lambert Q. Thanks for answering nice and not insulting me. : )

  • That's Great ... Only heard the Name of this band a few times, and never checked them out. That's another great band sent our way. Thanks Prof.

    AA. new lingo to me.. could be a Portmanteau. I don't kneau.


    Ah OK now. Captain solved the mystery to me.

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