What would you do to this kitchen?

I'm buying this house & here is the kitchen as of today. Our taste is french country, traditional, old world, retro...anything but mod pretty much.

Here's my ideas:

-stainless steel appliances

-antique the cabinets & add a wood crown molding up top

-backsplash & countertops need to be updated

What color wall should I go with? We're green ppl; do you think a light green shade would look nice w/a patterned shade?

The hole above the sink is recessed lighting. How can I take that hideous fluorescent light fixture down? Am I restricted to replace is w/another or can I do any fixture? The ceilings are low to pendant lighting isn't the best idea in the middle of the kitchen.

Also, floor suggestions to go with your ideas would be nice.

The layout of this house is quirky & revolve around what I do to the kitchen so I'd really like to know what I'm going to do to this space by the time closing comes.

Thanks for the suggestions!






I am inspired by this kitchen:


Do you think I can pull it off in my kitchen?

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    First, for selection purposes, I would begin from the bottom and work your way up.

    Selecting a floor first is wise because everything else has enormous color options that can accommodate every floor. So, take your pick, vinyl, tile, laminate or wood. You can certainly find your style in any one of these flooring elements. Also, think about the installation of the new floor. Can you lay it atop what is there or do you have to remove what is there, sub floor, cabinets and all??

    So, there is a lot to consider as how you want to go about selecting a new flooring product. If you lay vinyl, chances are that it will curl if it just abuts the cabinets. If you tile up to the cabinets, making any layout changes in the future will be a nightmare. Something to ponder.

    Although stainless steel is the rage of today. Do you realize they show every smudge and hand print? New models are coming out that are sprayed shiny grey on a slightly textured surface to avoid the fingerprints and smudges.

    If you want an old world look, you could put a slight glaze over the cabinetry to give it an aged look where glaze is caught in the grooves of the doors. This can be done over a creamy yellow base coat to get that old world feeling. Otherwise you can keep the cabinetry white and paint the walls either blue or yellow. A Blue, white and yellow kitchen screams country, especially if you put up a toile fabric valance on the window.

    Granite counter tops are so very popular today because they are rock hard and last forever. But, if you live in a cold climate, those counter tops are always and forever ice cold. But, it is a great choice otherwise. Again, selecting a counter comes after the floor, but I think you would be safe with an off white with perhaps cognac veins and flecks to keep it on the light side. This would also match the old world cabinets.

    Yes, that florescent light can come down and another style light fixture can go in it's place. Under that light is just an electrical box that any other light fixture can be installed to. I once took down one of those things and expected to see a gaping hole in my ceiling. Much to my delight, that was not the case. Find a ceiling fixture with a frosted glass dome style shade or something of the like. Any lights with exposed light bulbs will be an eyesore.

    What? You are green people?? I have never seen a green person!! Ha Ha. I know you mean the paint. If you do go with green, select a strong green in the less than lime gree to sage green tones. Not emerald to moss green. You can see that dark colors do not work on the walls of this kitchen.

    Consider this: a small island. It does not have to be cabinetry and nailed to the floor. I am talking about something on wheels, maybe 24" square with open storage underneath. You may believe there is absolutely no room for an island, but I do not believe that is the case. An island in this type of layout for a kitchen prevents people from bumping into one another, particularly if there are two cooks in the family. Just put a TV tray there for a week and you will see what I am talking about. If you do like the island, then that changes your options for a light as you can go with a longer light fixture in that case. Something to consider. Now, if you don't want granite counter tops all around, granite on the island is a fabulous choice.

    I hope my ideas and thoughts have got you thinking.

    Congrats on the new house.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you changing appliances because the existing ones are old or not working well? If so, I agree with your stainless steel selection. However, if you're just changing them for the sake of appearance, I wouldn't put my money into this item. You'll get more visual bang for your buck with granite countertops. You can then use ceramic tiles to create a French Country look on the backsplash area.

    Replacing the black with lighter shades will brighten the room. The wall color could then be a compliment to the highlighted color in the granite. These two selections should go with each other.

    I like the crown molding idea, but add a frieze board as well, putting the crown in line with the front of the cabinets. Don't put it odirectly on the wall as it will be mostly hidden by the cabinets. Along with the crown, I would consider a light strip (about 1 1/2" high) running along the bottom of the cabinets. Then add under-cabinet lighting to illuminate your counter surfaces. If you're going traditional, the crown and the light strip should both match the color of the cabinets. Antiqueing them is a good idea, but should be done by a pro, unless you're very handy and have done this kind of thing before.

    As for the light, I agree that the flourescent has to go. Replace it with a ceiling mounted traditional fixture of your choice, but make sure it gives off plenty of light.

    Almost forgot about the floor. If you change the linoleum (looks fine to me) be careful not to go with tile, solid wood, or anything thicker than 1/4". If you make that mistake, you'll be locking your dishwasher in place, making it impossible to service. A cork floor might work if you like that look.

    Good luck. And congratulations on the new home. Exciting times - enjoy the process.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would leave the cabinets as they are but would change the hardware. Put your money into a granite counter top and new floor. You could add additional recessed lighting around the perimeter for general lighting, then pick out something to replace the fluorescent or just cap it off if you feel the extra cans give you enough light. You could also use track lighting. Stainless appliances would be a wise choice. Use warm colors on your walls for an old world look or something neutral as your kitchen is small. The green would also look nice.

    Look through this link for ideas and Google French kitchens for other inspiration.


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  • 4 years ago

    wet kitchen is where u do the cooking - stove, sinks, small cabinets for ur sauces,herbs n kitchen utensils will do just fine in the wet kitchen area. dish washing is also done in this area. dry kitchen - well i put my dining table in the dry kitchen area, for quick lunch n dinner... my fridge is also in the dry kitchen area. malaysian tends to cook rather than take away, so it's easier to have wet kitchens so u dont wet and mess up the whole kitchen..the wet ones are always smaller than the dry ones, meaning less cleaning to do. At first, my house also wasnt equipped with the wet area when i first moved in, but now, its all easier...

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  • 1 decade ago

    a light green or dark blue grey would look nice on the wall. With the floor you could do a nice tile/ wood floor.

    Here are some links to check them out:

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  • Cammie
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    1 decade ago

    Here are loads of ideas:http://images.google.com/images?q=French+country+k...

    Light green paint would look nice with a granite or solid surface counter top.

    For the floor, try a light wood looking laminate.

    The best lighting is to put in all recessed lighting but that can be expensive.here are some other ideas :http://www.ceilingfixturelighting.com/flush-mount-...


    Your window is so small it doesn't require any curtains unless neighbors can look inside.

    Make sure to include a bit of toile in any color you like.

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  • 4 years ago

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