Kathy Reichs vs Patricia Cornwell?

I've never actually read any of Patricia Cornwell's books, but I have all of Kathy Reichs. Now I have noticed around that Kathy Reichs is quite often compared with Patricia Cornwell. In your opinion who has the better books? Please explain why as I haven't read any of Patricia's books.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They're compared because their main characters are both female forensic experts, and in fact Cornwell is often credited with inventing that mystery sub-genre.

    I like the Reichs books better, though the first 5-6 of Cornwell's were excellent and her last 2-3 were good, but in the middle the main character got so self-involved it even the romance elements read more than a soap opera.

    You might like the mysteries of Aaron Elkins, who is also an anthropologist in the NW.

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  • 3 years ago

    I want the different Cornwell, Bernard, his historic conflict thoughts are remarkable. "The Gallows Thief" is only slightly a secret with a historic putting. in case you desire to stay firmly interior the secret form, supply Patricia a attempt. At worst you will only hate her writtings and could never study them back; or you may stumble on a outstanding author to characteristic on your lists.

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