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希望類似 over the rainbow 或 amazing grace


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    I lie awake at night

    See things in black and white

    I've only got you inside my mind

    You know you have made me blind

    I lie awake and pray

    That you will look my way

    I have all this songing in my heart

    I knew it right from the start

    Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you

    Like I never ever loved no one before you

    Pretty pretty boy of mine

    Just tell me you love me too

    Oh my pretty pretty boy

    I need you

    Oh my pretty pretty boy I do

    Let me inside

    Make me stay right beside you

    I used to write your name

    And put it in a frame

    And sometimes I think I hear you call

    Right from my bedroom wall

    You stay a little while

    And touch me with your smile

    And what can I say to make you mine

    To reach out for you in time

    Oh pretty boy

    Say you love me too

    2.The Rose-手嶌葵


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    Some say love,it is a river

    That drowns the tender reed

    Some say love,it is a razor

    That leaves your soul to bleed

    Some say love,it is a hunger

    An endless aching need

    I say love, it is a flower

    And you, its only seed

    It's the heart, afraid of breaking

    That never learns to dance

    It's the dream, afraid of waking

    That never takes the chance

    It's the one who won't be taken

    Who cannot seem to give

    And the soul, afraid of dying

    That never learns to live

    When the night has been too lonely

    And the road has been too long

    And you think that love is only

    For the lucky and the strong

    Just remember in the winter

    Far beneath the bitter snows

    Lies the seed

    That with the sun's love

    In the spring Becomes the rose

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    3 - First Of May


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