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charge it= credit it?

how would u like to pay? by cash or charge it? can I say credit it?

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    Hi ;

    For example: You bought a $100 jacket from Macy*s Department store .

    Cashier: You find everything Ok?

    You: Yes.Thank you.

    Cashier: (scan your item) Here comes total of $100. How would you like to

    pay? Cash or Charge?

    You: I'll pay cash. ( then you get your receipt and stuff. Done!)


    You: Charge please. ( Then you can use your Visa, Master, American Express, or Macy*s store card to pay .)

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    If later you need to return the jacket:

    You: I like to return this jacket because my boy friend does not like the color.

    Cashier: Ok, No problem. Here's $100 for your refund. (If it is a cash deal)

    2009-12-18 14:01:49 補充:

    ( If you paid by credit card)

    You:I need to return this jacket because my boy friend likes the brown color.

    Cashier: Ok. I will credit $100 back to your Visa(or master, ) card.


    Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


    2009-12-20 15:19:36 補充:

    結帳時,店員問: Cash or Charge? 意思就是: 付現金或刷卡?

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the above conversation example I provide, I'll see what I can do to help you out.


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    Credit 在此一個是賒帳的意思


    by cash or charge it (on your credit card)


    by cash or credit

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    I think what you want to say should be as below:

    How would u like to pay? By cash or credit card?

    You can not just say charge it, as it did not mean anything.

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    No, you can't.

    Charge it 是用在付錢 -- 你要怎麼付錢

    Credit it 是用在找錢/還錢 -- 你要我們怎麼樣找你/還你錢。

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