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Scratching Cat Problem?

I need to know how to make my cat nicer. He scratches a lot. And he scratches the visitors to my house.

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    Scratching is natural behaviour for cats,it's not that they are being bad, they need to do it to keep healthy. You need to get a tall strong scratching post and show your cat how to use it by dragging your own nails down while he watches.Then gently lift his front legs up until he digs his claws in and uses it. When he does, praise him a lot. Scratching exercises cats leg, shoulder and back muscles. Every time he goes to scratch you or someone else, or any furniture, simply lift him to his scratching post and don't forget to praise him when he uses it.He will soon learn that it pleases you and will stop scratching other places.

    You should never punish a cat, by spraying water or by any other punishment at all, it doesn't work, they just become nervous of you.

    Good luck.

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    First off , warn everyone that comes in your house. ( My cat had the same issues when he was younger. Out of the blue he would attack people for no reason at all) You can take him to your local vet to have his nails cut shorter or they can glue on these plastic caps on his nails so that he can't hurt you. I trim my cats nails. I normally wait till he is asleep, then grab a paw and cut as many as I can before he gets soo angry I have to stop. Normally I get about two or three nails done. It takes a couple or days this way. If you do cut your cats nails make sure to have the right tool for cats nails. Plus make sure not to cut the quick. As for making him nicer. He might just be bothered because he is bored. Try playing with him a lot more. Or getting him a toy that really gets him stimulated. Good luck and I help it helps. When he is being mean spray him with water. Hopefully hes not like my cat, when I sprayed him with water, my cat looked at me with the look of NOW WHAT YOU GOING TO DO!! The water didn't even make him flinch. lol he's a lot better now.

    Good luck on your cat.

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    The cat is attempting to get to the cat interior the mirror. they haven't any concept of reflections, and consequently she is attempting to realize the different cat she sees (that should not be there! it is her homestead!). at times they get aggressive, and could bypass to great lengths, swatting on the intruder. in the experience that your fiancee leaves the door slightly open, the cat will possibly bypass interior to inspect and locate the interloper. there is not something undesirable approximately this, in basic terms cat habit. she will have the flexibility to ought to keep the cat from seeing its own mirrored image, meaning the two banning the cat from the mattress room, or finding something she would be able to put in front of the mirror each and each night, in basic terms as much as cat-eye point, like a folding reveal that persons use for his or her vehicle windshields. good luck.

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    i had that problem too!

    if you catch him doing it, shout 'no!' or something to startle him. then brush him off. it worked for me,

    to make your cat friendlier, just socialize with him alot. petting and stuff.

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    my cat too

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