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World Issues - World War II and its impact on the the world afterwards.....?

These are the only questions that I am really iffy on and am not too sure what to say:

Explain what propaganda is and how it was used during WWII. (Think films shown to soldiers and the American People)

Explain how the world changed after WWII by referring to the holocaust, nuclear weapons, and the League of Nations.

Could WWII have been prevented: When and what would it have taken to do so?

Thank you so much in advance for your help! It is much appreciated!

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    Firstly WW2 had Nothing to do with WW1 Hindenburg was paying off his countries debit to the Winners

    and was Not Building up any army or braking any of the Rules

    the Trouble started with Hitler hitler blamed the Jews because Germans were hungary hitler blamed the jews because the Germans were out of work and at no time did Hitler refer to the treaty of Versailles Until france fell when he forced the French to sign their surrender in the same railway carriage then hitler had it Blown up.

    I survive hitlers Blitz on my country and I believe WW2 was caused By american Corporate Greed sorry but the facts support This

    No hitler No WW2 and that is a fact

    WW2 was caused by the USA because they financed Hitler and the workers party and most of the money Given went to pay the wages of the SA Hitlers private army from 1924

    Standard Oil gave the Nazis the Plans to Build a Chemical factory to produce Synthetic Fuel Oil and Rubber from coal I G Farben Built this Factory at Auschwitz

    Standard Oil of New Jersey hydrogenation patents and technology to I. G. Farben (used to produce synthetic gasoline from coal), Germany produced about 6 1/2 million tons of oil — of which 85 percent (5 1/2 million tons) was synthetic oil using the Standard Oil hydrogenation process. Moreover, the control of synthetic oil output in Germany was held by the I. G. Farben subsidiary, A. G., and this Farben cartel itself was created in 1926 with Wall Street financial assistance.

    and all done with an IBM computer

    Ford was such a great supporter of hitler that he was awarded Germany's Highest Award and to date there is no evidence that it was Given back

    Hitler got his support from The Dawes Plan arranged a series of foreign loans totaling $800 million with their proceeds flowing to Germany.

    Looking at all the loans issued, it appears that only a handful of New York financial houses handled the German reparations financing. Three houses — Dillon, Read Co.; Harris, Forbes & Co.; and National City Company — issued almost three-quarters of the total face amount of the loans and reaped most of the profits:

    Wall Street Syndicate Manager

    Participation in

    German industrial

    issues in U.S.

    capital market Profits on German loans

    Percent of total

    Dillon, Read & Co. $241,325,000 $2.7 million 29.2

    Harris, Forbes & Co. 186,500,000 1.4 million 22.6

    National City Co. 173,000,000 5.0 million 20.9

    Spewer & Co. 59,500,000 0.6 million 7.2

    Lee, Higgins on & Co. 53,000,000 n.a 6.4

    Guaranty Co. of N.Y. 41,575,000 0.2 million 5.0

    Kuhn, Lobe & Co. 37,500,000 0.2 million 4.5

    Equitable Trust Co. 34,000,000 0.3 million 4.1

    TOTAL $826,400,000 profit $10.4 million

    so as you can see if the USA and people like Morgan-Rockefeller international investment bankers General Motors, Ford, General Electric, DuPont and the handful of U.S. companies intimately involved with the development of Nazi Germany were — except for the Ford Motor Company — controlled by the Wall Street elite — the J.P. Morgan firm, the Rockefeller Chase Bank and to a lesser extent the Warburg Manhattan bank

    in 1933 elections 45 percent of the funds for the 1933 election came from I.G. Farben. If we look at the directors of American I.G. Farben — the U.S. subsidiary of I.G. Farben — we get close to the roots of Wall Street involvement with Hitler. The board of American I.G. Farben at this time contained some of the most prestigious names among American industrialists: Edsel B. Ford of the Ford Motor Company, C.E. Mitchell of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Walter Teagle, director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Georgia Warm Springs Foundation.

    which is why FDR wanted the USA out of the war in europe hhis company could loose to much money

    and after WW2 Ford sued the US government for the Bomb damage to his factory in germany and WAS paid 1.2 million in damages foot Note

    IBM Coco Cola General Electric GM General Motors and president of Mutual Life Insurance. (Opel, the General Motors German subsidiary, had been Hitler's biggest tank producer.

    Cologne and the trio of untouched plants on the fringe: the Ford works and the United Rayon works on the west bank, and the Farben works on the east bank all owned by US interests

    Standard Oil of New Jersey not only aided Hitler's war machine, but had knowledge of this assistance. Emil Helfferich, the board chairman of a Standard of New Jersey subsidiary, was a member of the Keppler Circle before Hitler came to power; he continued to give financial contributions to Himmler's Circle as late as 1944.

    the USA including FDR put hitler in pow

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    Propaganda is regularly utilized in warfare (watched any FOX "News" throughout the beyond eight years?). It reached stellar proportions throughout WWII and there were countless displays of posters from the generation. I noticed one on the Tate in London approximately 10 years in the past. Films, pamphlets, posters on the whole - urging self sacrifice, to dehumanize the enemy and warn GIs approximately VD and such. Virtually each and every country on each side of the clash had its possess variation of propaganda. The Holocaust hastened the exodus of European Jews into Palestine, a fashion that had began within the 1800's. These settlers purchased the land they settled, opposite to wellknown notion. Also a tremendous inflow of Jews into the Americas; each North and South. Discovery of the German rocketry application produced the onset of the distance race, ditto its bomb technological know-how and the Cold War. WWII used to be mute testimony to the failure of the League of Nations and Wilsonian type international relations almost always. The League used to be surely changed with the UN after the warfare. WWII could were avoided had the Treaty of Versailles publish WWI been much less punitive closer to Germany. If the Germans had ceded the land they took throughout WWI most effective and no longer been saddled with gigantic money owed on most sensible of it, probabilities are the likes of Hitler could no longer were competent to win energy. The Nazis had been most effective elected seeing that they performed at the dissatisfaction of the folks. It could also be stated that had Chamberlain taken movement while Germany took the Sudetenland as a substitute of looking to appease The Reich, the direction of historical past would were distinct.

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    WWII started because of the treaty of Versailles from WWI, because a defeated Germany (spearheaded by Hitler) didn't like the conditions of the treaty and wanted to change it

    Source(s): recent history class
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