what is this song it is in the movie that sarah jessica parker fools matthew mcconahay into liking her?

so he will move out of the house.

it is the scene wen he runs away in the rain

this is all i caught

"some will say, that one day" .... haha sorry that i dont know all of the lyrics

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    Here are all the songs played in the movie; hOPE IT HELPS !:

    "Cruel to be Kind"

    Written and Performed by Nick Lowe

    "Rebel, Rebel"

    Written and Performed by David Bowie

    "This Guy's in Love with You"

    Written by Burt Bacharach & Hal David

    Performed by Fastball

    "Not Bad at All"

    Written by Steve McDonald and Anna Waronker

    Performed by Steve McDonald

    "Shouldn't Have Walked Away"

    Written by Stephen Lang, Jamie Dunlap & Scott Nickoley

    Performed by Molly Pasutti

    Courtesy of Marc Ferrari / Master Source

    "Dance Me to the End of Love"

    Written by Leonard Cohen

    Performed by Madeleine Peyroux

    "Time Da Get Dirty"

    Written by Carlos Cortez, John Ross, Eric Goldman, and Zedrick Kelley

    Performed by Da Fiffs

    "All the Time in the World"

    Written by Shane MacGowan

    Performed by The Nips

    "Pan da Jero"

    Written and Performed by Phil Mison (as Cantoma)

    "Hey, Man!"

    Written and Performed by The Vacancies

    "Fresh Feeling"

    Written by Mark Everett & Kool G. Murder

    Performed by The Eels

    "Yoda and The Force"

    Written and Conducted by John Williams (as John T. Williams)

    "Go Faster"

    Performed by John O'Hara

    "Forget My Heart"

    Performed by Simon Steadman

    "Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang"

    Written by Snoop Dogg

    Performed by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

    "Devil Woman"

    Performed by Alan Darby

    "Roady (The Nextmen Walnut Remix)"

    Performed by Fat Freddy's Drop

    "Original Drum"

    Written by 'Sister' Carol East & M. Goldwasser

    Performed by 'Sister' Carol East

    "This Love"

    Performed by Jr. Jazz

    "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

    Written by Freddie Mercury

    Performed by The 88

    "Hit the Road, Jack"

    Written by Percy Mayfield

    Performed by Ray Charles

    "More Than a Friend"

    Written by Ralph Sall

    Performed by All Too Much

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    Fools gold

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    Live long and prosper

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