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Can you fix my writing assignment?

Many kids who attend to Chicago Public Schools are not capable of taking the state test. How would you feel if you were retained just because of low ISAT scores? It is unfair to every student who becomes retrained just because of low ISAT scores? I think that it's unfair to students that who do not speak English at home or school. Students may have disabilities with learning moreover they also might have a bad day or a bad weekend. They also may have family problems at home. Students also do not really do speak English as their default language and this is another reason of why students will be trained just because of low ISAT scores. Many students do suffer from pain of tension of not failing to graduate from 8th.

To begin with, I myself was in Special, ED for more than four years. I had many learning disabilities back in the old days. The special education program does not help you to become prepared for the upcoming state test. Today, the board of education had to remove the special ED program due to special ED students getting a low score on the state achievement test. No child is not to be left alone or held back just because of one big achieve standard test. The special education students deserve to be given the freedom tolerant more in schools rather on flunking the ISAT test. The world called (Special, ED) is supposing to help you with you take the ISAT, but many kids that do have disabilities should be given more help and along with more attention/support from teachers.

On the other hand, Many students do not speak English as their first language and they are not even American Citizens! For example: How would you feel if you were forced to take the state test but the main conflict is that you never understood English. In Chicago Public school they do have Mexicans, African Americans, Pakistanis, and more in society who do not even know how to take the ISAT and of that they will be held back. Making our students not fail the ISAT is to ask them which is the best way to take the ISAT in a way that is comfortable for them.

Third of all, Students should be given the opportunity or the rights to re-take the ISAT in all grade levels. Many kids do suffer from tension while they take the ISAT test. Think of this as your bose is doing an expecting on you how well you are doing. Teenagers especially are always depressed. They might have a bad weekend along with their boyfriends or girlfriends. In reality, all 8th grade student has a dream and that dream/goal is to graduate from 8th grade and move up to High School. But that all depends on their ISAT scores and I bet all Students that are in 8th grade half of the 8th graders will be retained just because of low ISAT scores.

The majority of students that are in Chicago Public Schools do have learning disabilities with reading, math, science and more. Many are also Americans citizens and therefore they do not know how to speak English at all. Pretty much half of every student that is going to be taking the ISAT is most likely to fail the state test and their future for High School. Now is not that making our students fall behind?

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    No, a bad day is a possibility

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    heavily, this is too plenty for him. If it became me, i might decrease it decrease back somewhat, or chop up it up, doing 2 for English, 2 for technological know-how, etc. because he likes drawing, attempt having him write a caption for his drawing. i'm only suggesting the project might lie with the assignments, somewhat than him. Is there a reason they must be written? Why no longer do the a number of assignments orally somewhat? once you're satisfied together with his penmanship, why rigidity plenty writing? I assume you're observing expanding his writing means into paragraphs etc, besides the shown fact that it appears like he only won't be waiting for that yet. i'm of the opinion that if something demands that plenty smacking heads against brick partitions, there must be yet another much less painful way of doing it.

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