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What changes would you make this this English team line up?

Forwards: Rooney, Defoe, Hesky, Crouch

A/L/R Midfield: Lennon, Walcott, Gerrard, Wright-Phillip

C/D Midfield: Lampard, Barry, Carrick, Beckham

Full Backs: Johnson, A Cole, Brown, Bridge

Center Backs: Terry, Ferdinand, Upson, Lescott

Keepers: Green, James, Foster

some notable absences that I struggled with were Agbonlahor, J Cole, Michael Owen, and Downing.

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    forwards: rooney, bent starting, defoe and carlton cole

    midfield: lennon or walcott, becks, young

    c/d mids: gerrard, lampard, barry, milner

    Full backs, terry ferdinad, lescott, jaggelka

    Keepers: green, james, and robinson (he's been doing quite well with blackburn just doesnt get any support from his defence or offence

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    Take out Hesky put in Owen, take out Walcott put in Agbonlahor, and J cole for wright-phillip

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    i'd replace Lennon with J Cole .he can play on the left. Lennon Walcott.Wright-Phillips.and Beckham. can all do a job on the right.for me Lennon is the weakest out of them.

    also Fabio hasn't ruled out taking Hargreaves people have forgot about him cos he's been injured for so long. but a fully fit Hargreaves is a better option than Carrick. who has never prefomed for england

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    I think James Milner is blossoming into a really good footballer. Comfortable playing left or right, two footed and the most experienced U21 England international ever.

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    England do have some gifted gamers getting them to play alongside with self belief and to recognize each and each others skills is greater of a difficulty the likes of Rooney seem solid using fact he will take a huge gamble and have a flow putting the different area below tension what share circumstances in England fits do you spot us develop then lay the ball backwards pussyfoot around midfield then lob a ball forward just to loose it what occurred to forward working into area soccer ah i understand it takes greater attempt and wellness why whilst in possession can we bypass the ball back to the keeper for him besides a ball up field to a minimum of considered one of their gamers insane insanity is that referred to as attacking soccer? do not think of so greater like playground soccer whilst replace into the final time you observed a tottally exhausted england participant after a journey. They get to a lot to have adequate genuine desire to grant that a hundred and ten% thats mandatory for an england sport.

  • I would add Thierry Henry because he has the advantage of being able to use his hands,

    i suppose FIFA would let him play for England aswell.

    That's a squad, not a line-up.

    I'd change Brown for Woodgate or Cahill.

    Milner in for Walcott.

    It's kind of tricky because Downing is our only naturally left-footed winger and i'd like to fit Joe Cole in somewhere. It's kind of like having finished a jigsaw puzzle, but still having pieces left over.

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    Wayne Bridge is terrible Warnock or Baines

    The rest is a great squad.

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    Don't matter let them play Brazil and Spain

    Spain 3-1 England

    Brazil 4-2 England

    Just for the people: not american: so ya'll dont talk:

    USA 1-0 England

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