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Who are some famous people who committed suicide?

Who and how?

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    Johnny Ace (1954) singer, self-inflicted gunshot

    Chris Acland (1996), British drummer (Lush), hanging

    Manuel Acuña (1873), Mexican poet

    Hatazo Adachi (1947), Japanese general, seppuku.

    Robert Adams, Jr. (1906), congressman from Pennsylvania, shot himself after heavy losses in stock speculation

    Stuart Adamson (2001), Scottish guitarist and singer (Big Country, The Skids), self-strangulation after alcohol ingestion

    Ahn Jae-hwan (2008), South Korean actor, carbon monoxide poisoning

    Sergey Akhromeyev (1991), Marshal of the Soviet Union, hanging

    Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (1927), Japanese writer (author of Rashomon), barbital overdose

    Clodius Albinus (197), Roman emperor, killed himself after a defeat in battle

    Ross Alexander (1937), American actor, gunshot

    Michael Alfonso, a.k.a. Mike Awesome (2007), American professional wrestler, hanging

    Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (1899), member of the British Royal Family, shot himself

    Leandro Alem (1896), Argentine politician, founder of the Radical Civic Union, gunshot to the head

    Salvador Allende (1973), president of Chile (elected 1970); shot himself during a coup d'état by General Augusto Pinochet — some sources allege that he was killed. See also Death of Salvador Allende

    Jeff Alm (1993), American NFL player, gunshot

    Marwan Al-Shehhi (2001), United Arab Emirate Al Qaeda terrorist, 9/11 attacks

    Jason Altom (1998), American Ph.D. student, ingested potassium cyanide

    Jean Améry (1978), Austrian writer; overdose of sleeping pills

    Korechika Anami, War Minister (1945), seppuku

    Forrest Howard Anderson (1989), Governor of Montana, gunshot

    Fridolin Anderwert (1880), Swiss Federal Councilor

    Gwili Andre (1959), Danish actress, self-immolation

    Roger Angleton (1998), American murderer, cutting or hanging

    Mark Antony (30 BC), Roman politician and general, stabbed himself

    Marshall Applewhite (1997), American leader of the Heaven's Gate religious cult, overdose

    Hubert Aquin (1977), Canadian author, gunshot

    Diane Arbus (1971), American photographer, overdosed on pills and slashed wrists[1]

    Reinaldo Arenas (1990), Cuban-American artist and writer, drug and alcohol overdose

    José María Arguedas, (1969), Peruvian novelist and poet, gunshot

    Pedro Armendáriz, (1963), Mexican actor, gunshot

    Edwin Armstrong (1954), American inventor of FM radio, jumped from a 13th floor window

    John Atchison (2007), American federal prosecutor and alleged child sex offender

    Mohamed Atta (2001), Egyptian Al Qaeda terrorist, 9/11 Attacks

    George Ault (1948), American painter, drowning

    Pekka-Eric Auvinen (2007), Finnish Jokela High School shooter, self-inflicted gunshot to the head

    May Ayim (1996), German author, jumped from 13th floor of a Berlin building

    Albert Ayler (1970), American jazz saxophonist, jumped into New York City's East River


    Nikki Bacharach (2007), Daughter of Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson, suffocated using plastic bag and helium

    James Robert Baker (1997), American writer

    Albert Ballin (1918), German businessman, overdose of sleeping pills

    José Manuel Balmaceda (1891), President of Chile, gunshot

    Robert Hayward Barlow (1951), American writer and anthropologist, barbiturate overdose

    Isobel Barnett (1980), British TV personality, electrocution

    Don "Red" Barry (1980), American actor (Adventures of Red Ryder), gunshot

    Gert Bastian (1992), German military officer and politician, gunshot

    Dave Batters (2009), Canadian politician

    J. Clifford Baxter (2002), American Enron vice-chairman, gunshot

    Thomas McKee Bayne (1894), U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania, gunshot

    Charles Eugène Bedaux (1944), French efficiency engineer charged with treason for collaboration with Vichy government

    Thomas Lovell Beddoes (1849), English poet and dramatist, poisoning

    Peter Bellamy (1991), English folk singer

    Juan Belmonte (1962), Spanish bullfighter and matador, gunshot

    Brenda Benet (1982), American actress, gunshot

    Ota Benga (1916), Congolese pygmy put on "display" in United States, gunshot

    Walter Benjamin (1940), German cultural theorist, overdose morphine pills

    Jill Bennett (1990), British film actress

    Chris Benoit (2007), professional wrestler, hanged himself after killing his wife and 7-year-old son; see also Chris Benoit double murder and suicide.

    Pierre Bérégovoy (1993), French Prime Minister, gunshot

    John Berg (2007), American actor, carbon monoxide poisoning

    Marty Bergen (1900), American Baseball player, slit his throat with razor after killing his wife and two children with an axe

    Hans Berger (1941), German physician and inventor of electroencephalography, hanging

    Mary Kay Bergman (1999), American voice actress, gunshot

    Ricky Berry (1989), American NBA player for the Sacramento Kings, gunshot

    John Berryman (1972), American poet, jumped from a bridge

    Bruno Bettelheim (1990), American psychoanalyst

    Jens Bjørneboe (1976), Norwegian author, hanging

    Jeremy Blake (2007), American video artist, drowning

    Clara Blandick (1962), actress, best known as Auntie Em from The Wizard of Oz, sleeping pill overdose and suffocation

    Kenny Blatchford (1933), Canadian politician, drowning

    Barbara Blida (2007), Polish politician, gunshot

    Clara Bloodgood (1907), American Broadway actress, committed suicide by gunshot in her Baltimore hotel room despondent over a Clyde Fitch play The Truth which starred Bloodgood but which Fitch dedicated to actress Marie Tempest[2]

    Isabella Blow (2007), British fashion writer and stylist, poisoning

    Ludwig Boltzmann (1906), Austrian physicist, hanging

    Jeremy Michael Boorda (1996), Chief of Naval Operations, US Navy

    Tadeusz Borowski (1951), Polish writer and concentration camp survivor, asphyxiation

    Georges Boulanger (1891), French politician and general, gunshot

    Patrick Bourque (2007), Canadian bass guitarist (Emerson Drive)

    Tommy Boyce (1994), with Bobby Hart, songwriter for The Monkees, gunshot

    Karin Boye (1941), Swedish poet, sleeping pill overdose

    Charles Boyer (1978), French-born American actor, Seconal overdose

    Camilo Castelo Branco (1890), Portuguese writer, gunshot

    Jonathan Brandis (2003), American actor, hanging

    Cheyenne Brando (1995), daughter of Marlon Brando, hanging

    Mike Brant (1974), Israeli pop singer, jumped from a window.

    Eva Braun (1945), German mistress and then wife of Adolf Hitler, cyanide

    Richard Brautigan (1984), American writer, gunshot

    Herman Brood (2001), Dutch musician and painter, jumped from roof

    Barry Brown (1978), American actor and writer, gunshot

    Oskar Brüsewitz (1976), East German cleric, committed self-immolation in protest of East Germany's persecution of Protestants

    Brutus (42 BC), Roman politician, assassin of Julius Caesar, fell on sword after failing to find a volunteer to kill him

    Eustace Budgell (1737), English writer and politician, threw himself from a boat

    Bernard Buffet (1999), French painter ('The Crucifixion'), suffocation

    Rembrandt Bugatti (1916), Italian sculptor, natural gas

    Dan Burros (1965), American Jewish Neo-Nazi, gunshot


    Andres Caicedo (1977), Colombian novelist, drug overdose

    José Luis Calva (2007), Mexican writer, cannibal and serial killer, hanging

    Donald Cammell (1996), Scottish film director, gunshot

    Capucine (1990), French actress, jumped out of window

    Arthur Edmund Carewe (1937), American actor, gunshot

    Wallace Hume Carothers (1937), world renowned chemist, cyanide

    Don Carpenter (1995), American novelist, gunshot

    Dora Carrington (1932), artist, gunshot

    Kevin Carter (1994), award-winning South African photographer and member of the Bang-Bang Club, carbon monoxide

    Tim Carter (2008), British footballer, hanging

    Hugh Casey (1951), American baseball player, gunshot

    Adolphe Mouron Cassandre (1968), French writer

    Gaius Cassius Longinus (42 BC), Roman politician, co-assassin of Julius Caesar, ordered his freedman to slay him

    Cato the Younger (46 BC), Roman republican statesman, stabbed himself with his own sword

    Ugo Cavallero (1943), Italian Field Marshal, gunshot

    Paul Celan (1970), Romanian poet, drowning

    Ana Cristina César (1983), Brazilian poet, jumped out window from parents' apartment

    Valerie Chacon (1982), wife of Bobby Chacon, gunshot

    Pauline Chan (2002), Hong Kong actress, jumped off building

    Richard Chanfray (1983) French public figure, overdose and carbon monoxide poisoning

    Iris Chang (2004), American author, gunshot

    Kathy Change (1996), American performance artist and political activist, self-immolation

    Claude Chappe (1805), French inventor, threw himself down a well

    Thomas Chatterton (1770), British poet, arsenic

    Leslie Cheung (2003), Hong Kong movie star and singer, jumped off building

    Vere Gordon Childe (1957), Australian archaeologist and historian, jumped off Govett's Leap in the Blue Mountains

    Brett Chidester (2003), American teenager, asphyxiation, led to Delaware's "Brett’s law"

    Isamu Chō, Japanese Army officer during the Battle of Okinawa, committed seppuku rather than surrender

    Seung-Hui Cho (2007), shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre; turned his gun on himself after killing 32 people

    Choi Jin-sil (2008), South Korean actress, hanging

    Chongzhen Emperor of China (1644), the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, ordered his household to commit suicide, then hanged himself

    Edwin Pearce Christy, (1862), American entertainer, founder of the Christy Minstrels, threw himself from window

    Christine Chubbuck (1974), American television journalist, shot herself in the head on live TV after reading the news

    Chung Mong-hun (2003), Korean businessman, chairman of Hyundai Asan, jumped out of building

    Diana Churchill (1963), British social worker, eldest daughter of Sir Winston Churchill, barbiturate overdose

    Jeremiah Clarke (1707), British composer of Prince of Denmark's March (Trumpet Voluntary), shot himself

    Alasdair Clayre (1985), British academic, writer, broadcaster and singer, jumped in front of train

    Paul Clayt

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    for the comparable reason that damaging unknowns devote suicide. There incredibly isn't a thank you to categorize people who will kill themselves, different than (maximum possibly) melancholy. some who devote suicide do not even tutor melancholy. people who're standard and prosperous kill themselves maximum possibly simply by fact they are unhappy. i assume money does not remedy all your issues. And Ernest Hemmingway is yet another one.

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    Ernest Hemingway, Van Gogh, George Eastman.... to name a few

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    This site should help.

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