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Is Phil Mickelson the biggest loser in the latest Tiger saga?

I'm a Tiger fan, and never cared much for Lefty, but whatever changes Phil made to his putting towards the end of the year...man he was on fire! He was draining putts from 30-40ft like they were nothing. He layed the smack down on Tiger in the Fed Ex Cup. Tiger won the overall trophy by points throughout the year, but Phil won the actual tournament. The way he was playing, he was going to give Tiger a REAL run for his money in 2010. I honestly believe that Phil was going to be the player of the year in 2010, and take over Tiger's world #1 ranking. And, like I said, I don't even like Phil, but he's figured his game out. Now if he wins, everyone will say, "Oh, it's just because Tiger's not playing". Sorry Phil, just the way the ball bounces sometimes...

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    This is a really great point. Phil is playing lights out right now, even beating Tiger head-to-head a while back overseas. I'm always a Phil fan, no matter what, so I won't fall for that "if Tiger were playing" crap. I think he's got a shot to take over the #1 spot, but I really think he wants to cap a few more Majors and solidify his legacy in the sport.

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    Phil comes out a winner since it makes him look better. I just hope next time they play together Phil whispers in Tiger’s ear “how are the wife and kids.” The biggest loser is Tiger for when his children are old enough to understand they will realize that their father is slime. What a shame all those years I spent respecting him as a person not just a golfer.

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    Phil comes out a big winner. Earlier in the year, he took an indefinite leave from golf to be at the side of his wife. And Phil isn't going to lose any sleep in winning a tournament in which Tiger doesn't participate. Plus, I think Tiger will be back soon enough.

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    I agree that Phil seemed to have gotten his game together toward the end of 2009. But Phil is a streaky player (putter). He has all the physical ability, all the shots and with a golf club, is the equal of Tiger Woods. Phil's problem is with his head. Tiger is far superior to Phil in terms of concentration and focus on the course. As soon as Woods gets past this current personal fiasco, and I believe that will be sooner than later, he'll continue to outshine Phil on tour.

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    together as i think of Phil is greater exciting to observe and is the greater ideal scrambler whilst mandatory, it is not hassle-free to argue that he's greater ideal whilst he's gained maximum of much less tournaments and Majors than Tiger has. Phil is unquestionably between the final interior the sport yet i do no longer think of the two are comparable. Tiger's gained lots better than Phil and has the means to win many greater. Phil has a brilliant physique of ideas and coronary heart, yet he looks to no longer be waiting to shield the stress on the comparable point that Tiger can, that's an element of the reason he's only no longer as stable. Tiger additionally exhibits lots greater ideal direction administration and lots greater warning whilst mandatory than Phil, who looks to take way too many damaging aspects, which i think of has a extensive area to do along with his constrained fulfillment in assessment to Tiger.

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    I think Tiger's wife is the biggest lost in the latest Tiger saga ...

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    Tiger's wife is the biggest loser. Tiger cheated on her.

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    I will never buy another Nike anything, period.

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