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Does English sound similar to German?

of course it doesn't to us, but to someone who speaks neither, do you think it would sound similar?

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    Actually, if you actually listen, they do share many similarities. A lot of the vocabulary is the same, and many sentences sound similar to, for example

    Is that you?

    Ist das du?



    I must

    Ich muss

  • pippin
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    3 years ago

    Dutch, German and English are certainly comparable due to the fact they're all Germanic languages, however due to the fact English has absorbed this kind of satisfactory quantity of French and Latin loanwords (making up approximately 60% of the English vocabulary) it is regularly tough to look the similarities. Since the audio system of Old English normally originated in southern aspect of Jutland this usual sort of English used to be some distance toward German and Dutch, however such a lot of all Frisian, which continues to be the language closest regarding English. The English language has been inspired through a few different languages through the years, adding Norman French (which used to be spoken in Normandy through Viking descendants who invaded England 1066) and Old Norse (spoken through Vikings who invaded England within the ninth century). No, English and Dutch don't seem to be derived from German, however all 3 have a traditional ancestor.

  • so
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    Since when is the grammar similar? German grammar and English grammar went separate ways over 1 000 years ago!

    I have a German friend and she says when she hears English or French she has to concentrate first to distinguish the two. She speaks both languages well.

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    There are some words that are similar and the grammar definitely makes it closer to English than a lot of other languages, but it's still very easy to tell the difference between the two.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, not really. I find german and english languages very different.

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    No, it doesn't. My little brother doesn't speak either languages, but can tell them apart. He definitely hears the difference between them, for example in the song 'Anyplace, anywhere, anytime'.

    Source(s): my little brother
  • Anonymous
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    No. English is softer, German has very hard constant sounds, its sounds alot harsher than english

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    Gute Nacht, good night.

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    i believe english itself originated from german that's why most of english words are close to german.

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    Uhm.. No.. Not really..

    ( Öhm.. Nein.. Nicht wirklich.. )

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