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Need to /need 's difference???


另外, 這些字有什麼分別?

1. beware / aware?

2. tease/mock? sneer ?


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    Beware is a verb whereas aware is an adjective.

    Beware - to be cautious; exert caution

    e.g. Beware of the dog. We have to beware of the icy patches on the road.

    Aware - means - having knowledge

    e.g. Are you aware that I am coming to the party?

    tease/mock/sneer all are verbs. Mock/sneer are also nouns.

    tease - to make fun of; mock playfully; to arouse hope or desire without affording satisfaction; to annoy.

    e.g. She is teasing her mother for more candies. Don't tease me!

    mock - to treat with ridicule or contempt; to frustrate the hope of; disappoint

    e.g. They mocked at the idea. He mocked his wife's efforts at cooking.

    sneer - to speak in a scornful, contemptuous manner, with derisive facial expression

    e.g. What are you sneer for? He sneered at our attempts to improve the situation.

    Tease is used in a moderate manner.

    Mock and sneer are used in a more serious manner.

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    What are you sneering for?

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