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I am visiting a friend in the United States next week and I am going to stay there for 10 days. During the visit, I would like to make several phone calls within the

United States whereas outside the states. I am thinking of joining a plan in Three(和記電訊) but I am not sure if this is a right way to do because I will only need this service during my trip.

I would like to know if there is any suggestion for me. I will be so appreciated. :-)

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    if you have chance to any Chinatown in any US city, look for phone card which sale inside those chinese store. it cost about 4,6,8 dollars....etc. with hundreds minutes for international call. it is good for 10 days use lar.

    it use 1-800 toll free area code. so you can use public phone, friends phone, or hotel phone to make long distend call.

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    problem is you can not receive incoming call by use phone card.

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