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    French Guiana is an oversea region of France, which is direcly belong to French Republic as if any state/territories of France.

    Migration law is the same as France, that mean you need to have your company sponsor you, apply for permenant employment visas.

    However, it is way more easy to apply for seasonal employment visa (1 year visa like the Working holiday visa) rather than a permanent based working visa, cause under french law, an employer must be able to demostrate that job have unique skill that neither able to be recruit from France nor EU community.

    The employment of such job must be processed and granted by DDTEFP (Labour department of France) when the DDTEFP granted such application,an permanent employment visa can then issue.

    If you have that visa, you are the sameas permanent resident inFrance, 5 years down the road,given you pass a french culture and language test,you will then have a France Passport.


    No, your child cannot study just by given them his/her passport (Unless that is a french passport),there are 2 ways you can do that, depend on wether you applied the permanent employment visa or seasonal employment visa.

    If you have the permanent employment visa, your child will be able to go with you to france(Not only French Guiana, but mainland france itself) he/she can start studying for free if you hold Permanent Employment visa.

    If you hold a Seasonal Work visa,then your son must apply for a student visa to study in France/ F. Guiana. He will need to renew his student visa every year until his study are over.

    Source(s): EU Citizens,first girl friend is french and used to plan on migrating to france myself
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  • 1 decade ago

    或者你係下午3~6時打個電話比我問問喇 97091853呢個係我電話 我姓胡

    因為你去的地方實在太冷門 同埋我連你既資料都冇好難幫你搵到合適既移民打工方式

    2009-12-22 12:42:26 補充:

    而且 你去既地方 係法屬 算係法國地區 跟歐盟法 以現在去歐洲地區係幾煩的事

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