The Minister's Black Veil-why is the character a minister?

Hawthorne could have given the minister any job, why a minister? How is the meaning of the story affected by Hawthorne's decision to make the character a minister?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ministers are ministers. The main character is a minister because in the Puritan society of the story that is the highest, holiest, most perfect life to lead--one is pure oneself and one helps other to achieve greater honesty, purity, sinlessness. Of course, in the story Mr. Hooper seems to suffer from some terrible, nameless sin; moreover, he is able to see that same sin in everyone--thus his condition is universal and the purest seems to proclaim that he is no better than everyone else, and that all are guilty. Only a minister could make this argument convincingly, for the rest of the population is, unlike a minister, especially the good Mr, Hooper, presumed guilty.

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