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im doing an abc book about john paul jones?

i need help on doing the abc book on john paul jones i need d,e,g,h,i,k,o,p,q,t,u,x,y,z plz help!

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    i = independence, the reason they were fighting.

    k = Kirkcudbright, the Scottish county in which Jones was born

    p = Pearson, captain of HMS Serapis, which Jones captured off Scarborough 23rd. Seotember, 1779. (or you could use Paris, the city in which Jones died).

    u = United Kingdom, the enemy.

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    Here's a start...But this is your homework, so...if you get a book on Jones, look in the index under each letter.

    A - Autonomous

    B- Bon Homme Richard - his ship

    C - Challenging

    D- Daring

    E - Engaging

    F- Father of the American Navy

    P- Pearson, captain of HMS Serapis

    S - Serapis - the ship he engaged with the Bon Homme Richard

    Source(s): "John Paul Jones" - Evans
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