spanish slang.. what does "dime ab" mean?

i know "dime" means tell me but what about "ab?" for example my dominican friend keeps saying "dime ab chula." i know most people abbreviate stuff like ke for que or bn for bien but i cant figure out what ab stands for.. does anybody know? thanks in advanceee :)

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    Oh you mean slang like:

    Q lo q eeee manito ... Que ess lo que es hermanito..

    Xq tu me hablas asi quieres que te voltee la cara de awebao que tienes... Por que me hablas asi quieres que te voltee la cara de bobo que tienes.. ETC

    Dime ab.. pronounced Abeh? or AB like in abs?

    If he say says dime ABEH then he is saying, Dime (tell me) a ver (to see) a ver is like to see if I undertand..

    I will Illustrate.. Patient: Doctor me duele la cabeza.. Doctor: Vamos a ver (lets check it out)

    A ver, is like too see whats up

    Dime a ver, tell me to see what up.. thats it.. its a greet..

    Source(s): Panamanian.. We say, Dime PA VER which is Dime para ver.. and them dominican assholes say a ver because they are ignorant.... Jk the real ignorants are in central america, from panama south,and the carribeans are the real quality latin culture PLOOOOO respect !
  • 1 decade ago

    I'm dominican and that means What's up?

    It's a modern way to say hello

    It's very common in Dominican Republic jajaja what a beautiful country

    Source(s): I'm from Dominican Republic
  • 1 decade ago

    its probably just like you, salvadorians say "oye vos" it basically means hey you

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