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My little brother ate cement mix.?

my little brother ate cement mix, what should we do, and what can happen?, he didnt eat to much, only like about enough to fill a packet of sugar

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    Water! Lots and lots of water should dilute the mix so it will just be grainy like sand and should pass without any problem

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    nicely, you will possibly not be able to tension him to consume; yet, you do not could desire to grant in to his "calls for" the two. Is he only shoing you that he may well be self sustaining, or does he rather have an aversion to stew? If he's only being obdurate, you may permit him understand that dinner would be on the table for quarter-hour and that he desires to consume on a similar time because it rather is there, or it rather is going to be cleared and he gets not something. Or, you may permit him understand that he desires to a minimum of attempt it, 2 or 3 bites, then he could have some thing else after he waits for half-hour and actually everyone else is performed eating and the table is cleared. (No instantaneous payoff there, or better interest, and he won't die of starvation in half-hour.)

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    He won't be poisoned, but go to the doctor right away anyway and tell them. If it dries, it becomes sharp and can cut internal organs very easily.

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    Wow! -A real Hard Case ! :) I suspect he'll live... But keep him off the stuff. -Too much might get him constipated... ;)

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