Why Can A Non Citizen Play Baseball..?

Alberti Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz so, goes by Aroldis. ...

Chapman isn't a citizen of the United states is he? How can he defect, come to the United States and sign with a Major or even any league without being a citizen.? Doesn't he have to go through the process like all other "illegal aliens".? Why should he get "millions" of dollars when the economy is so bad.? Will he send those US dollars to Cuba.? Why so easy for him to defect.? Why doesn't the leagues in th US spread the money around to 'citizen" player's in the US.? Is he major league material.? His sole purpose is to play baseball and make money.? Is he a Communist.? Thanks for your Answers...?

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    there certainly isn't any shortage of major league players who are foreigners. baseball is extremely popular in Latin America, but there are foreign players from other countries as well like Matsui (Japan) and Wang (Taiwan) from the Yankees and Chan Park Ho (Korea) from the Phillies. the team owners are naturally more interested in getting the best players than where they are from. what sort of visa they get depends on what level of baseball they're playing. should anyone get millions during a major recession? well, it's a business, and the owners themselves decide what to pay. that's capitalism. Babe Ruth made over $100,000 a year during the Depression which was a huge amount of money at the time.

    as for why it's so easy for Cubans, well that's US law under the Cuban Adjustment Act. Under US law, he ceased to be illegal the moment his foot hit the ground in the US. If he's like other Cubans though, he probably got residency somewhere else. If he gets US residency, he can be drafted by one club, but if he's got foreign residency, say Panama, he can negotiate with every club and take the best offer. He won't play major league unless the club thinks he can and he won't stay unless he can prove it.

    as for why it's so easy for

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    It is quite common to get a work visa in the United States. In special cases, if an employer can show that their employment candidate has unique skills or knowledge, they can easily obtain a work visa for their employee, which in some cases can easily lead to a Green Card and/or naturalization, the process in which a foreign national becomes a US citizen. Professional athletes certainly qualify for this since they contribute to large revenues for their employers.

    I see someone here mentioned issues of fairness and proper schooling in the US as opposed to "Third World" countries. United States ranks below average when we compare public education systems internationally. In fact, some developing counties such as China, Iran, and Czech Republic enjoy far stronger secondary level education systems. So the fact that someone has a diploma from a US high school does not mean that he or she enjoyed a strong education experience. And in comparison with other countries, they are probably less educated considering our poor ranking and weak K-12 education system. Regarding "fairness", we shouldn't forget that a great deal of economic strength in the US is due to economic activities of immigrants. It is highly unlikely to eat a single meal in this country, which was not prepared by immigrants at some stage of its production. Additionally, the development of sciences and knowledge in this country has been, in a great part, due to academic works of immigrant professors and scientists, many of whom obtained their degrees outside the US.

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    There are special visas for performers, models, athletes and people with special talents and skills. Learn to throw a 90 mph curve ball or look like Gisele and you too can live in the US.

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    You don't have to be a citizen to work in the USA, particularly when your talents can milk millions for a team owner.

    So, how / why do you think he's 'illegal'? Don'tcha think that's kind of a high profile for an 'illegal'?

    Don't much like Latino's either, eh?

    Source(s): http://www.theobamafile.com/ here's an 'illegal' for ya.
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    It certainly isn't fair that Americans who go to school have to compete with these third worlders who can do nothing but play ball all day long.

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